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1ka100 - A drive for Child Rights and Education

Chitrakaar helped me raise a small but encouraging amount of Rs. 12500 in 2008, and then 30on30 last year saw a phenomenal success by raising Rs. 79000...

This amazing support from people who I knew and a lot who were not known to me, coupled with the focused thoughts of a few friends brought Sopaan into picture. While the registration under the Society's act is on its way, Sopaan is proud to launch another fund raiser called 1ka100...

Here is how it works

1. Bhaskar Jindal drives from Delhi to Mumbai
2. The distance is a total of 1500 kms
3. We are requesting people to support the initiative by donating Rs. 100 or multiples. Every 100 rupee supports one kilometer of the drive... All 1500 kms getting support, would mean that we are able to reach our aim of Rs. 150000.
4. The raised funds would then be donated to identified NGOs working for the cause of Child Rights and Education. Two of such NGOs are MAD and Cankids which are going to get funds from 1ka100
5. Please do read about the initiative here, and join the Facebook event here.
6. If you like the idea, the cause, the thought, please do contribute by donating money and/or encouraging your friends to spread the word around!
7. The intention is to reach out to more people and spread the word, hence the individual participation is kept as low as 100 bucks!!!

Hope to see a lot of support for 1ka100 like I got for 30on30 and Chitrakaar!

We would be sharing a progress report of 1ka100 in the format below...


Blogthings says!!! एंड टू सोंग्स !

You definitely march to the beat of your own drum, and you don't succumb to peer pressure.
You enjoy doing your own thing - and this means having your own unique tastes and preferences.

You are confident and calm. You tend to find other people annoying, especially when they want to tell you what to do.
Just because everyone else is doing something, it doesn't mean you want to do it. And you're okay with that.

It just feels nice to read on a Monday morning!

Add to this a song that touches my heart every time I hear it...

Another beauty from Do Aankhen Barah Haath (दो आखें बारह हाथ)


Sharma Bandhu!

Was talking to Ma in the morning and was reminded of this... One of the very few Bhajans that I am totally in love with...


I feel at Peace!!!


हींग के फायदे!

औरो : यार जब तेरी शादी होगी तो में तुझे एक मस्त गिफ्ट दूंगा! बोल क्या चाहिए?
मैं : भाई कैश दे दीजो !

औरो : नहीं यार! ऐसा कुछ जो काम भी आये और ख़तम भी न हो!
मैं : पेंचो! हींग दे दे दस किलो! खाना बनाने में काम भी आएगी और ज़िन्दगी भर ख़तम भी नहीं होगी!

औरो / मैं : हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा हा!

I am sure that if Aro and me come together on a radio show, we will make people cry because they laughed so hard!
And we laughed for atleast 5 minutes... over a few more things how I would stuff him with all that heeng if he gives me any, and how I could get rid of the heeng by gifting it to people who attend my marriage, saying that he was mixed with the body dust of a mahatma from the Himalayas and had a shit loads of medicinal value and blah and blah!!!

Bees on the Road!

We humans are animals! and some of us insects! and I am not saying it in a derogatory way! Its the characteristics which are common and are hard to ignore!!!

Most drivers in India are like Bees, and in the west are like sheep!!! Try to visualize any road from the top... and what you would see is a pattern within the patternless driving... one car moving from one lane to the another trying to occupy the space which just got freeed, while the space also seems to be moving from one lane to the other! The red lights and the toll gates, putting a break to the bees, I mean, cars, and then suddenly the same patternless pattern repeats! I would love to study these patterns from a chopper and make drawings out of them! Also a lot of drivers remind of the game road-rash!

Now why the west is like sheep! because they usually move in a lanes! irrespective of how long the lane becomes!



I am feeling amazingly sleepy right now!!!

and I've had tea, coffee, water and stood in the sun, the shade and I am still very sleepy!!!

damn it!


दिल्ली के दीवाने! गाली देने के बहाने!!!

Great minds think alike! really?

Great Minds think alike!!!

I disagree!

If the minds are that great, they will probably not be thinking alike, but better! if all great minds were thinking alike... All of them would have been making the same light bulb, or a radio or a telephone, or music!

But we see so many great things around us, and they have been given to us by great people with great minds! and for all I know they were thinking different to give us a variety of greatness!!!

Great minds might support other great thoughts, but they for sure do not think alike in my opinion!


Life ka Maza!!!!

I am getting to realize what keeps me happy!!!!

Its simple...

Doing a lot of things together!!!

Its like a catalog of things that I have to have in my mind, and I need to start and stop my activities... It keeps me going...

If I am doing just one thing... I end up being very restless and dissatisfied with myself!

[ Work ] [ Personal Life ]  [Andpicture, Sopaan, Chai ki dukaan,  Friends, Networking] Life ka Maza Something missing Paisa????? Zindagi???


टोटल विन विन

बेटा : पापा ऑफिस नहीं जाओगे?
पापा : जाऊंगा... थोडा देर से!

बेटा : मैं भी उसी साइड जा रहा हूँ! १०० रूपये दोगे तो फ्री में ड्रॉप कर दूंगा!
पापा : हम्म!!! चल चलता हूँ!

बेटा : ड्रॉप करने के बाद ! पापा, १०० रूपये?
पापा : ले बेटा! ऐश कर!

इसको बोलते हैं टोटल विन विन situation!


Why the fkk!!!!!

Someone please help me understand

  • Why is Kasab's death sentence even worth a discussion?
  • Where were the so called human rights activists, when these bastards were shooting people away to glory?
  • Why is one person who is apparently just another contract killer (assuming that he was just paid to shoot and had nothing personal to do with it) worth so much time, money, and effort?
  • Why can't India behave like US did after 911?

Though I feel very positive about this country, there is very little which lets one keep feeling that positive for a long time!!!!

Damn it!




Micky is a mouse!

Donald is a duck!!

Pluto is a dog!!!

Tweety is a bird!!!!

Bugs Bunny is a Wabbit!!!!!

What is Goofy?

He could be a geek dog! Why does this sound more like a greek god to me? strange...

Geek Dog! Greek God!
Greek Dog! Geek God!
Greek God! Greek Dog!
Geek Dog! Greek Dog!

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