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Great minds think alike! really?

Great Minds think alike!!!

I disagree!

If the minds are that great, they will probably not be thinking alike, but better! if all great minds were thinking alike... All of them would have been making the same light bulb, or a radio or a telephone, or music!

But we see so many great things around us, and they have been given to us by great people with great minds! and for all I know they were thinking different to give us a variety of greatness!!!

Great minds might support other great thoughts, but they for sure do not think alike in my opinion!


  1. I have a great mind & i surely donot think like any other :D :D :D

  2. Actually the whole quote is..

    Great minds think alike, but fools don't differ either" :))

  3. @ Kishley
    I am sure :P

    @ Vinita

  4. lol
    why don't you use your great mind to do something more useful than dissect old sayings and getting it all wrong.
    Great minds think alike - Does not mean all of them think about the same idea. They Think and that's what groups them. It is not the end result but the process

  5. @ Anony..
    thanks for the comment! I do a lot of sincere useful things in addition to writing here!

    You seem to be pretty offended by my "personal" opinion! did someone in your family say this or something?