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Bees on the Road!

We humans are animals! and some of us insects! and I am not saying it in a derogatory way! Its the characteristics which are common and are hard to ignore!!!

Most drivers in India are like Bees, and in the west are like sheep!!! Try to visualize any road from the top... and what you would see is a pattern within the patternless driving... one car moving from one lane to the another trying to occupy the space which just got freeed, while the space also seems to be moving from one lane to the other! The red lights and the toll gates, putting a break to the bees, I mean, cars, and then suddenly the same patternless pattern repeats! I would love to study these patterns from a chopper and make drawings out of them! Also a lot of drivers remind of the game road-rash!

Now why the west is like sheep! because they usually move in a lanes! irrespective of how long the lane becomes!


  1. lolz.. tere dimag me kya kya chalta hai :P

  2. So true..baat to sahi hai..but ye sab analysis/comparisons dimaag mein aate kaise hian???

  3. @ Kishley
    arre yaar drive itni lambi hoti hai... dimag kharab karne se achcha hai, thoda analytics daalo usme :)

    @ Vaishali
    hain na hain na :)

    pata nahin kaise aate hain.. I guess observations :)

    @ Swati
    hmm :)

    @ Shivi
    not at all :) I love it here!