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Input - Output

The apples were a little too red to be real... I thought I should keep a record :)

Jelly always makes a nice object to click :) and eat of-course :)

And the Yummo Coldie Coldie Custard... Fulll of Stuff and Taste !!!!


  1. Now I need to go back home and tell Mom to make custard...Jab tak main kha na loon...tab tak main tadapta rahoonga....

  2. Everything looks so perfect and so yummy. Was the custurd recipe was also so damn simple ? :P

  3. waah

    khao beta khao, khayoge nahi toh takat kaise aayegi :P
    (uttpal dutt in golmaal style)

  4. but i swear one thing, i wont hit ur blog (spl foody posts) at night hrs ever again....

    mere jaise padne likhe wale beghar logon ko raat mei aisii pics nahi dekhni chahiye... neeyat bigad jaati hai :P
    ab mei raat ke 2.30 baje kahan se wo apple aur ye yummo custard + jelly arrange karoon khane ke liye :|

  5. Om, ye suddenly kitchen king kab se ban gaye tum? aur wo jelly aur haath....Tum meri picture dekho jo maine kal raat ko upload ki hai...same to same lag rahi hain mujhko...;-)

  6. the apples in the picture do look really good...

    oh just a suggestion... you should cut and fresh fruits in the jello and freeze it... it tastes amazing....

    and if you like custard... you should try flan pudding... really yummy :)

    herez the link

  7. # Akshay...
    hope it was as Tasty as the one in this picture :)

    Waise Mom always cooks nice food only:)

    Hope you enjoyed...

    # Sunshine...

    oh very...

    Packet kholo..
    Doodh milao..
    ghumao phirao...
    Thanda Karo..
    Aur Thanda Karo..
    Kha Jao :)

    # Kashmira..
    Orange hai ji..

    # Mayuri...
    Moochein nikal aayengi :D

    heheh... as if you would know what is going to be posted :)

    # Mon...
    Mujhe kuch cheezein to pasand hai re karni... sirf thoda push chahiye thaa... mil gaya :) it helps to do different things at times na :)

    will see... this however is a repeat of an old picture which I had clicked with Strawberry Jelly..

    # Neeku....

    I got another suggestion for dry fruits in Jello... I am going to try both... fresh fruits in half of the jello... and dried in the other half...

    I might try :) thought I am not really into experiments with things I make :) only things I eat :P

    thanks though :) this WILL be done :)

  8. This time I read it as well:-)))

    apples are really red....

    and ur hand is in jelly... eeeehhhh!!! or is it just the "show off"....??

    custrad looks grt...:-))

  9. # Chakoli...
    hehhee... Now I know how much text you can read in one post :) too bad most of my posts will go unread by you :P

    That jelly picture is a photographic translation of "Maine apne haath se banai hai" hehehe...

    Custard tasted great too... yumm... Can't tell you how much i wanted more when it was getting over...

    my cousin even said that he does not want to eat it, because it will get over :D lol !!!

  10. Bhai Input ke baare mein itna likhega, aur photu dikhayega, to log nazar denge. Phir Output ...

    Tu tika shika laga le :-P

  11. Aaj tu bhi bana... tikka lag jayega :D


  12. Subase aasan tarika wo hoga jis me koi aap ko bulaye, banake , khila ye :D

  13. waaao tu khana bhi pakata hai - u are like one -

    "sundar sushil gharelu ladka" :) LOL... he he he... too much...

  14. # Sunshine....
    you bet :) kaash !

    # Sam...
    me too me too :)

    # Tanu...
    heheheh... nahin re.. khana nahin banata... sirf chota mota idhar udhar..

    Sundar aur Sushil kaun hai be?

  15. ye kya dekh rahi hun...so much food all over your blog? eh? :P
    gut gut...and seems you've been to the kitchen a lot lately... :D

  16. @ Reeta...
    I love food :) and the last few days I just got an opportunity to make myself feel good with a few things I like :)