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white white face dekhe...

I think being emotional about some people is one the best ways to fukk up your life...

I seem to be reaching the day when someone would give me a graduate degree in making a complete fool out of myself with people!!!

Neva mind...


White white face dekhe, dilwa beating fast sasura chance maare re !!!
Oh very happy in my heart, dill dance maare re !!!

Dil dance maare dance maare daaance maare re !!!

I have heard this song for like 10 times already... and looks like this is going to be a part of the amazing list of Chichora songs !!!

Life is not that bad afterall !!!

Oh wait...

tohra dil ke threatre ma, dil deewana booooking advance maange re !!!

Oh very happy in my heart !!! dil dance maare re !!!

On a serious note,

I need to get back to the usual self !!! It should not be that difficult, eh! After all its just me that I am trying to be !


  1. not bad at all...

    it wont be that difficult, after all, u r just trying to be u :)

    all the best hai aapko :)

  2. "Being emotional about some people is one of the best ways to fukk up your life..." You are so very right! This post seems to be written just for me.

    I am sure you will get back to your usual self. As will I.

  3. well, at times, the most difficult person to aces is our own self... hope u get bk ur own old self soon...
    being emotional - well, it is tricky... whn the rate of emo croses the line, we gets fucked up...

  4. pic to samajh mein nahi aya... but ganna looks like a dance number...

    time mile to upload karnaa...or put a link...

  5. one of the reasons why its fav is cause of kareena i know :)... (pun intended)...

    btw did i tell you soemthign nevamind.... dont want to ignite soemthing so will restrict saying soemthing

  6. # Mayuri...
    you bet... And once you are sure, its only a matter of time !!

    # Emma...
    All the best to you :)

    God Bless !!

    # Anoop...
    you are right !!! I hope things get better :) Actually I am sure they will :)

    # Tanu...
    Its a no U-tun Sign... I am fighting the thought...

    Gaana bahut hi mast hai.. Tashan ka gaana hai download kar le..
    nai milta to batana, I will send !!

    # Aqui...
    hehee.. you are so right !!! Kareena IS the reason :)

    ok !

  7. I can relate a bhojpuri ghazal to this post:

    "Beech dariya mein aake laute ke ka,
    peeche mud-mud ke dekhe ke, soche ke ka
    je bhayil se bhayil, je gayil se gayil
    par utaare ke ba ta utarabe karab

    Ee alag baat ba aaj le seep mein
    hamaara har ber BHAWUK ho baloo milaal
    par eehe soch ke abhiyo doobal hai
    ek din hum ta moti nikaalbe karab"


    but the poster shouts:

    "Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh mud mud ke" from Shree 420 :P


    bura na maano holi hai...

  8. accha chalo, define who you are? salient features kya hai?

    aur yeh kya gaana hai???? :O

  9. LOL @ chichora gaana....funny

    besties! :)

  10. # Kashmira...
    Define myself? bahut tough hai to write it here :)

    This is a song from the movie Tashan !!! bahut hi mast hai !!!

    # Reeta..


  11. hehe, it was a trick question :)
    definition koi likh hi nahi sakta! I think each human being is dynamic, every small experience in every single day changes who you are...for better or for worse, whether you want it or not, whether you realize it or not.

  12. # Kashmira...
    oh trick question... I am not that smart as Calvin is... so did not get it :P

    Waise I Unique, just like everyone else :P

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  14. hehe...that was the first one i picked from "tashan" album...it aired around a month after that...and had a tough time convincing others that this song has a class of his own.

    m glad u like.

    do hear the latest ones "papu can't dance" and "Kabhi kabhi Aditi" from 'Jane Na....tu jaane na'