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More from Sankalp :) Thanks Friends...

Here we go... The second lot of Paintings from the painting competition in Sankalp. Needless to say I am delighted to know that many of my friends pushed me into posting this set as everyone wanted to contribute something or the other...

So here we go :) Take your pick. Leave a comment here and drop me an email at prashantbhardwaj[at]gmail.com with your address... Like the last set, I am expecting you to pay atleast Rs. 500 in case you decide to buy one of the following ::)

Apologies but I could not note down the Artist's name and her/his class for this one. My Mamaji decided to take this one for himself :) Someone said it just right, Charity begins at home :)

Made by : Hina; Class VII (Not available; Reema Srivastava has offered to take this one)

Made by : Aayesha ; Class IV

Made by : Farha; Class IV

Made by : Tarannum; Class VI

Made by : Shaqib ; Class V (Not available; Ankur Prakash has offered to take this one)

Made By : Rabia; Class : VI (Not available; Mayuri has offered to take this one)

Made by : Noori; Class III (Not available; An Online friend who does not wish to be named has offered to take this one)

Made by : Sajid; Class III (Not available; Ankur Prakash has offered to take this one)

Made by : Laiba Noor; Class III

Made by : Faisal Hussain; Class III (Not available; Sarika has offered to take this one)

And this is the palm print of the kids from Sankalp :) Ruchi Sharma has offered to take this one :)


  1. I wish to buy two of these painting. 1st one and made by sajid class III. Thanks,

  2. I wish to buy the painting Made by : Hina; Class VII

  3. The Hand prints ones is my Fav :)

  4. # Ankur...
    thanks Ankur... hope you liked the paintings..

    # Reema...
    Thanks... marked for you...

    # Neeku...

  5. My pleasure! I wud wish to do more for Sankalp than contributing in this noble cause. Hope we cud come up with some good work for this the kids and for the organization too.


  6. Thanks for the painting...I got mine :)

  7. # Ankur...
    the discussion we had regarding this was nice... I will keep those in mind and do something about it..

    # Anony...

    # Anony...
    great :) hope you like it...

  8. I want to buy the hand painting one...but it's gone it seems.. upload more..

  9. # Tanu...
    this is the last lot dear... nothing more to be uploaded now..

  10. Greetings!
    I visit your flickr page quite often. Nice to see such an interesting blog!
    I love the handprints' painting :)

    - glossyfloss

  11. Hello Supriya...

    nice to see you on the chai ki dukaan :)