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Don't say TATA to TATA!

Why So Serious!!! This is the tagline of Honda that I did not like, because they have picked it up straight from Knight Rider! Now apparantly after someone buys a Honda, they would not be serious anymore! And rightly so, Honda cars are a pleasure to drive! smooth, silent, efficient, and so on!

On my way back home, last friday, I saw just the opposite... a gentlemen in his mid 30s, extremely serious while his driver was at the steering wheel of the brand new red Jazz! his discomfort and total lack of confidence was oozing out of all the windows of that otherwise comfortable car! I really wanted to ask him "Why so Serious?" , record it and send it to Honda!

All of that was beside the point though! The point here was that I was driving a 12000 kms old Indica Quadrajet! and was I pleasently surprised or was I?

The Quadrajet is a FIAT engine, and is expected to run extremely well, however that engine in the TATA body is making that car feel like a different animal on the road for sure! As soon as you rev up the engine beyond 2000 rpm, the car really transforms into a different avatar! The build quality is quite alright of the Indica, much better that the previous versions, though it still looks and feels very plastic as compared to cars in the similar category! AC is alright! Space is NICE, and the legroom at rear is very comfortable for 3 adults!

I was driving the fully loaded version which comes with a CD player and integrated bluetooth telephony system! it basically sucks though! I can do without it!

The ABS would come handy as the car seems to have a more than adequate amount of Body roll!

There is very little engine noise, thanks to the refined FIAT engine, and the throttle response is more than pleasing!

Let's come to a few thoughts keeping in perspective, the closest competition for this car! A fully loaded Swift VDI!

None of the two have a set of Alloys with the fully loaded version... Swift VDI has better build quality for sure, however that comes with a premium of about Rs. 70000 as compared to the Indica Quadrajet. Is it worth it? Not really sure till I drive a Swift VDI, but for now, the Indica Quadrajet seems to be a good value for money!

I also feel that things like
- Tachometer
- Digital Clock
- High mounted rear lamp
- Follow me home headlamps
- Delayed cabin lights
- Headlight on warning

and a few more! Don't see why these have to be included as "features" anymore in car brochures!


  1. seems u have some expertise on cars. I am planning to buy a new car, please suggest:
    Options are-
    Hyundai i20
    Maruti Swift

  2. @ Ankur
    Another car has been on the cards for a while.. just waiting for the next 6 months to get clearer :)

    SUV it has to be! and Palio goes in for a re-mod as soon as I get the new one! Heard TATA is launching a new Safari sometime this or next quarter!

    @ Varun
    I just like to keep myself posted! i20 is a good car, just that I am not sure how Hyundai as a company is.. they sell well, and a lot of them too for that matter, but I am not sure if can put a lot of faith in the Koreans :)

    Swift is nice! good build quality, nice safe feel while driving, excellent service network, value for money (you can think of checking out a few Maruti True Value deals too).. however hold on till the next version of Swift is launched sometime this May!

    Also test drive the Punto, Polo and Micra as well please... Micra has excellent build quality and lovely interiors, however is a bit low on power... Polo looks great, has excellent finish, and is a very reliable vehicle... Punto has to be my personal favorite, after the excellent quality my Palio has delivered over the last 6 years!

    Make sure you have test driven the exact variants that you want to buy, and not the lower or the higher versions!

  3. nice analysis.

    we too adding an SUV to the the fleet.
    Its Safari. Brother's childhood dream and its a first buy for him.
    Though I love the looks of Endeavour! Superb! and yet more than double the cost :(

    went to Tata showroom ang got all floored by a Red Punto! Maybe its the NEXT :)

  4. Safari for the first car! Congratulations :)

    You can get two Safaris in the cost of 1 Endeavour! :)

    and Punto! anyday a good car to buy! I am also waiting for the FIAT Bravo! it looks really hot!

  5. Prashant bhai, Safari has no competition in its class and price..but yes, wait for the newer version to come in...See http://www.indiancarsbikes.in/cars/2011-tata-safari-suv-new-model-india-spy-photos-7617/

    It looks worth some wait..

  6. I totally agree! Don't think there would be any competition in the near future too!

    And the new headlamps and rear lights might be a very refreshing change to the existing model. I have been wondering for a while about why TATA chose to remove the twin parabola lamps from the Safari, and go ahead with just one set of headlights! Wish they introduce better lights too!

  7. Some more analysis here.
    If you aware can you please enlighten on its average. Bro was told by a friend (who owns Safari already), he got around 16km/l, while the showroom guy said 10 - 12. And in the given link it mentions 10.
    So, what is the precise average?

  8. I think a Safari owner would be in the best position to answer it, however if one gets anything between 10-12 kmpl, they should be happy! anything more than that is worth a thank you to TATA :) and the driver for being a good fuel efficient driver!

    Plus the average that one gets is dependent on a number of factors such as
    1. Driving style ( less use of clutch and breaks and gears helps improve the mileage)
    2. Traffic (More traffic would mean less mileage)
    3. Tyre pressure (Higher tyre pressure usually helps the mileage positively, though makes the vehicle bumpy)
    4. Engine quality (A regularly maintained engine would always perform better as compared to an ignored one)

    So go ahead! buy the beast! and take care of it!