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Mark Sloan and his intern

In Grey's Anatomy, almost every intern who is assigned to Mark Sloan, the awesomest plastic surgeon, has to fetch coffee for him in addition to doing a lot of tasks which are not related to surgery!

I do not want to be that intern, and I do not want to be working with a Mark Sloan ever, even though he is the best that one can get!


  1. most of the time whtever tv shows show abt medicine is just a stupid mindless immitation of the actual scence, they really need to research more into medical field i guess n not just be fascinated by character of a big shot doc !

  2. Don't think its him being a doctor has anything to do with what I wrote... its about the kind of person and a mentor that I am talking about! that person could be anyone.. you supervisor in the
    BPO or your test lead or your project manager or a creative director... anyone!