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My ICICI debit card went kaput, and I had to request for a new one! There are two ways to do it...

1. You could walk into a branch and take a duplicate card, which is generic and does not have your name on it... its just a start-up kit(I assume)and they associate the card to your bank account.

2. You request for a new card either online or through the branch. In this case you get a card within 7 days after 4 days of you placing the request! and you get the pin in a separate mailer!

In both cases you are charged a fee!

Everything is great so far!

What caught my attention is that the new card that I got is valid till 2021... 10 years from now! There is no way this card can be used for the next 10 years if one is an active debit card user, and thus ICICI is all set to earn a fee from cards which become unusable after a few years!


On the other hand, my credit card, which is from Citibank comes with a 3 year validity. (I am sure there is a logic and business reasoning behind the validity of these cards, which I am not aware of and would love to know and understand) I am not a debit card user, and at most I use it for an ATM transaction once or twice (tops) in a month. My maximum use of the debit card is for online transfers, and I might actually keep this card active, alive, and intact!

Do you know if other banks also play the same game? What is the default validity of their debit cards?


  1. I have Standard Chartered bank debit card which has a validity till 2014. Though, it was created in 2007.

  2. 7 years validity! I see that these banks are not too different!

    Does StanChat also charge a fee to issue/renew a debit card?

  3. yes they charge annual fee but there is no renew fee.

  4. yes mostly debit cards have a more validity than credit card... the reason is simple... debit cud only be used if u have the money in ur account... whereas credit card is the money on credit which the bank pays on ur behalf... the bank which issue a credit card mostly does on the corporate accounts for free... but if as an individual u go fr it they wud charge u..... then... depending upon the credit history... the credit card cud be issued again once it expires.... it depends upon the bank!... Also depending upon the credit history they cud increase/decrease ur credit card limit.....! Usually all debit card (if tied up with some companies) provide free debit card.... except HSBC they do charge a 330 rs for the platinum card.... credit card issuing wud again depend on the tie up.... or if banks like HSBC/HDFC want to sell there card they wud get ur details from the comapnies database and call individually saying fr ur company we have an offer and all dat stuff... but the valididty wud again be 3 yrs