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Cold Calling!

Saar Good maarning!
I yum khalling fraam Standard Chartered Bank! and I want to talk to you about our credit card! I do not need one ma'am!
But saar! why naat? This is a very benefitable credit card!

I really did not have time to discuss, otherwise I would have talked about the benefits of the benefitable credit card for sure!!!

I also got another call from someone representing CRY asking me to donate money! I find it surprising that some organizations have so much money that they hire agencies to ask for more! While a different chain of thought validates the need of such an exercise, something inside me strongly feels that there is a better use of this money than having a 2X2 inch ad running on news websites, or big hoardings, or cold calling and so on!

Coming back to the credit cards, I personally feel that a credit card with an intelligent consumer is a very very smart thing for the consumer.. and with someone who is careless would be something like!!! umm... बन्दर के हाथ मे तलवार!(Bandar ke haath mein talvar...)

Your thoughts?


  1. hahahaha....bandar ke haath mei talwar (loved that one)

  2. Bandar ke haath mein talvaar.. that's funny. Agree with you, if you're a responsible spender, then credit card is for you.

  3. @ Varun

    @ Kanan
    I love my credit card! Have been using the same card for over 6 years now! and its a very nice thing to carry!