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2009 in Pictures - August

Been away from CKD for a very long time... and irrespective of how much I want to, I just have not been able to get time to get online!!!

The EDGE on the iPhone does not help either!

But here I am... with a post that has been waiting to be published for almost about a month now! Enjoy the pictures of last August...

It was a beautiful month in Milwaukee.. I also went to Minneapolis and had a great weekend there...

Saw movies on a home projection system back to back!!!

Went with office friends to a cabin some 2.5 hours away from Milwaukee up north, and led my team to a victory in the games we played over two days, the highlights being me eating bitter gourd, and finished about 24 golgappas in just below 3 minutes!!!

Life has been great lately! I struggle at times with the new profile that I am in now with MTS, and at the same time I thoroughly enjoy the learning that I get almost everyday! I finish my day promising myself that I will do better the next day!

Its very new for me.. the whole TELCO thing, and how a company totally working in India, works!!! but that's an interesting topic for the next post (whenever that comes)

For now let's be silent in honor of the long silence on Chai ki Dukaan, and just enjoy how the month of August in 2009 was!!!


  1. Badiya wali 'english' likhi hai apne toe :)
    Pictures are as usual sundar.

  2. great pictures!..by the deos TELCO refers to Tata Motors telcom companies :)

  3. Bahut hi sannata tha yahan. Last year april main kitna hurdang mach raha tha CKD pe..:)
    anyway, very happy to see a post on CKD after a long time :)

    Beautiful pictures, just like always :)

  4. Great pics....loved the green leaves with the light and the fire pics..

    where are you here or in india?

  5. @ Isha
    achchi lagi aapko english!!! badiya hai chalo :)

    @ FJ

    Telco = telecommunications :)

    @ Swati
    haan... hurdang ka plan to thaa par kuch ho nahin paya because of only 24 hours in a day! dekho kaise hota hai aage manage!

    @ Ceedy

    I am back in India bro! came back in January!

  6. Loved the flowers and leaves.

    How is that gravity affects her hair but not her necklace?

    The barn looks beautiful.

  7. Lovely photos as always!!
    Loved that brown wood house and those chairs..very pretty!!