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Got Film?

Got the first results of my film camera today...

First reaction, what the fkk!!! I suck!
Second reaction, ok let's see where did I screw up!
Third reaction, well! not so bad, but there is a hell lot of things to learn! Do film well and digital is going to amazingly easy!

Here is a preview of some of the photographs... do click on the image to see it large!


  1. It isnt even that bad PB..rather pretty good it is!!
    Iam sure, you;ll overcome the flaws and mistakes,u made this time!!
    Good Luck!!

  2. can see the creativity here. not bad considering its your first time on this.

  3. these pics are nice...

    ur reactions reminded me of pa's dark room exclamations...

    all the best with film photography.. looking forward to see more & better pics from you :)

  4. wine ki botel...brahmin ke ghar mein....tch kaaun dusht le aaya??? :P..whats the word..nasht or bhrasht...

    every time i look at the pics am so amused by nefertitti perched on top of zhandu balm :)))