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Gems from Hindi Cinema!

Whenever I think of movies, there are a few characters I just cannot miss thinking about... Some of my favorites from the world of Hindi Cinema...

Prem Pratap Patiyaale Wala from Wo Saat Din

Ram Prasad Dashrath Prasad Sharma from Golmal

Soorma Bhopali from Sholey

Miss Chamko from Chashmebaddor

Jai from Sholey

Angrezon ke Zamane ka Jailer from Sholey

Sukumar from Chupke Chupke

Babu Rao from Hera Pheri

Subhodh and Sameer from Dil Chahta Hai

Daljit or DJ from Rang De Basanti

Ashok from Angoor

Som Mangal Budh Guru from Satte Pe Satta

Ashok, Vinod, Tarneja, Ahuja from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

Crime master Gogo, and Amar Prem from Andaz Apna Apna

I am sure that is not all... if you remember any other scenes, please do share the links and I would put them up here!


  1. Loved the post for very obvious reasons..well they also happen to be my favorite characters from Hindi cinemas.

    May be you want to add 'Bhoola' and 'masterji' from padosan

  2. also
    Rajaram Purshotam Joshi and Bashudev (Bashu) from Katha

  3. Geet from Jab We Met
    (I know, you really dislike Kareena Kapoor, even I'm not a kareena fan but I think she was fabulous in 'Jab We Met' esp in the scene when she abuses Anshuman...)


    Sorry for spamming!

  4. http://vdworld.blogspot.com/2009/04/hilarious-comedy-scenes-and-diaglouges.html

    i tried it too.

    thanks for this post.

  5. Kaloomal koyle waala from chameli ki shaadi

  6. haha..funny..mazedaar..I think u covered all,but I also like that Kareena waala scene to..chupke chupke happens to be my all time favourite..uske to saare hi scenes ache hai ))

  7. hahahaha tootsy, spot on

  8. miss chamko hehehe... a memorable day when i watched that movie!!!
    lol @ chameli ki shaadi comment...

    btw ye MACu se comment kiya hai apne ..yey...

  9. :D
    all time hit classic comedy...

    may i add the following to your list:

    1. anthony gonsalves from 'amar akbar anthony' - spl anthony's mirror scene

    2. vijaychand aka munna and raja aka chacha from 'half ticket'

    3. amar & prem from 'andaz apna apna'

    4. munnabhai & circuit from 'munnabhai mbbs'

    5. arjun singh from 'namak halal' - remember his famous 'daddu tum?' & 'i can walk english, talk english, laugh english because english is a very funny language'... followed by a cricket commentary :P

    6. bharat bhushan from 'bheja fry'

    and last but not the least,

    7. bhatti from 'ulta pulta' - its a teleshow but it's a childhood fav. ultimataly hilarious.

  10. none of the photos opened at my end...so i had to maake do with the captions. may be because of the slow internet connection here.
    yes some of these are my favourites too. and i would like to add Geet from Jab We Met

  11. @ Swati
    yea Padoson and Katha should be in this list...

    Katha is such a beautiful movie...

    Geet.. um... good, but i don't think i can put it along with these classics!

    @ Vaibhav...
    glad you liked it! Thanks!

    @ Tootsy
    :) yea ! heheh... i love the way Anil walks in that movie !!!

    @ Vaishali
    thanks! geet... ummm... not sure :)

    @ Richa

    @ geet

    mac se comment matlab?

    @ Mayuri
    I am happy to see you here...

    amar prem hai to sahi yahan!

    mast characters hain... majedaar :)

    @ Rahi
    these are youtube links!

    Geet... umm... :) not sure if I can put that character next to these... the name does not even strike! :)

  12. Baaki to sab theek hai, lekin aap ye batayein ke aap kurta itna chota kyon pehnete hain???


    God! Its so damn funny! :D

  13. Loved this post.

    May be u can add scene from Khatta-mitha of preeti ganguli - 'Ek mard mere kamre mein kapde baddal raha hai wala scene'

    Nirmal anand - Khubsurat

    do chai do chai kyu - Andaz apna apna

    ye gochu - Shatrughan sinha and amol palekar - movie ka naam yaad nahi aa raha ...shall let you know about this one.

    Shall think of few more and shall let you know...now that you have started we must complete the list :-)