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Second to none!

I am now officially in love with Mikaela, specially after she took off her biker clothes (no wait, its not about taking off her clothes) and stood in front of Sam in that white dress with Purple, or mauve (whatever!) flowers in her hands!!!

A girl who can drive a bike, fix a car, have that attitude, and be the "girl" when she needs to be, is THE girl I want !!!

For the people who have not guessed it so far, I saw Transformers II, and I am not sure what to say right now! I am in a state of AWE! For a number of reasons

1. I saw it on IMAX (Even that 60+ feet high screen is smaller for a movie like Transformers)
2. It had Egypt
3. I have always respected the machines that I use, and with movies like Transformers, that respect only increases (Yea, I like to live in a bit of fiction, thought it works for me well! I love my car and she loves me back! I feel it)
4. I saw Bumble bee crying like a baby, and it was a beautifully funny scene
5. and that scene was followed by what made me realize that I am in love Mikaela
6. I felt very very very bad and something inside me felt like sinking when Optimus Prime dies :(
7. I might rate this at my number 1, if I compare the graphics and the action with any other movie that I know ! And the level of detail that is present in it (which one will surely miss on a small screen) is AMAZING... Each and every body part of the Autobots and Decepticons has been so well thought of ! and the transformation of some of the new characters !!! Oh boy !!! Mind fukking blowing !!!

People in the US have to feel very very proud of their army and defense when they see movies like this... no wonder the feeling of being "American" is so strong in most people ! Its shown to them in every possible way, probably that is the reason why most aliens (in movies) decide to attack the only the US and think that if they have taken over the US, the earth is theirs... and the US is able to mobilize its resources so fast that they can manage anything that comes to them! Not really like India, where it takes 17 years, SEVENTEEEEEEEN !!!! years to come up with a bloody report (does that report really matter right now?)

Anyway, back to the movie ! I loved it period. I don't know if I will buy a DVD because its not going to be worth it, watching it on a small screen....

Please do not miss it when you get an opportunity! watch it at the largest screen possible !!!

I also saw Ice Age 3 today... and loved it too!!! it was such a nice feeling to meet the characters again!!! there are new twists and characters in the movie!!! will write about it later, or maybe not. I am still in AWE with Transformers !!! WHAT a movie !!!

And enjoy the source of the title below

and here is what I was talking about about the taking off of the clothes...

p.s. This post was written on Saturday, 4th of July


  1. Wow!Wow! Loved the videos.

    I HAVE to see Transformers II.
    Think, will go for it tonight.

    Been planning to go for Ice Age III. Woh bhi iss week main hi nipta dungi. :)
    Arrey! The Hangover bhi toh dekhni hain. Woh dekhi kya tunay?

  2. Wow..cool you saw both the latest flicks..
    I wanna watch "The Hangover too" may be the coming weekend!!
    Did u get a chance to watch it???

  3. :))

    iceage 3 is undoubltly the best... and twist and turns wow...
    i love taht squirrel :D

  4. Did you see Angels and demons.. You just might forget transformers:))

  5. Haven't seen Transformer yet.. hence no comments..

    but ICE AGE 3 was awesome .. it like homecoming feeling... with ICE AGE and Harry Potter due to be released this weekend :)

    And I Love Sid and the Squirrel :)
    They are the best..

    too many good movies this month..

  6. Transformers was great! The sound track is super awesome as well!
    Yeah, when Optimus Prime's spark went out, it was heart-rending...and Bumble Bee is so funny, that whole emotional scene was excellent!
    And I also love Ironhide, who battles on and take command in the absence of Optimus Prime...and those twins were excellent as well!

  7. I did watch Transformers and loved it though for some reason was planning to skip the second part but such high credentials from you vouch for it..
    And Ice Age happens to be my favourite, I am having Happy Meals just for the toys!! ;)
    P.S: Even the tickets look alive, the way you've shot them.. :D

  8. i loved both the movies !!!!

    i hope u get ur michaela soon :))'

    i was sobbing to my friend... Optimus cannot die .. am sure we can bring him back ! :P

    i love PRIME... specially my PRIME ( the nifty fifty ;))