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Harry Potter and no Half-blood Prince!

I don't know about the book, and I would let someone who has read it comment on that front, but I was very disappointed with the latest movie!

Its a teenage love story which has "some" magic as well! that's it! I doubt if the thickest of all Harry Potter books has such a weak story.... Please please please someone tell me that the book is way better than this movie!

I am not really saying that I did not like it... I did... Hermione is beautiful, and Harry looks smart(er) feels a bit smart(er) too; the teenage love story was sweet! but c'mon I want to see some magic... not what I saw!

It was a 10 minute story ok 20 min tops, that was showen in 2.5 hours! Half blood prince? really!

now I want to read the book!

I have recently started liking the Irish and the British accent a lot., call it "being in America effect".. That was another reason why I liked watching this movie...


  1. my first ever harry potter...went thinking i would be bored to death not knowing any thing about these guys...muggle or otherwise :P ...but really enjoyed it :))

    the theater was good the seats super comfy..and the popcorn excellent ..i guess that helped :P

    however...the movie did not inspire me to see the others or read any of the books..

    expectation...is a killer :)

  2. The book was much better, no doubt!

    You should read the books.

    I want to read them all over again!

    Have always loved the British accent...both my present and former bosses are from England! And so are most of my colleagues...and also from Scotland!

    If you love the Irish accent, you should go visit Newfoundland, Canada, the population is mostly of Irish descent...they sound Irish but one can't understand a thing...its called the Newfie accent!!!

  3. beleive it or not, i haven't seen a full movie of 'Hari Putter' nor I have even tried to read any book of his. may be i m bit biased. :)

    Thanks for your view I would stay away :)

  4. My condolences, dude. :P
    It was the worst from the HP franchisee.
    Though one should have kept in mind that the book didn't have much to offer as compared to its predecessors or successor!
    Waste of monies is what i think!

  5. The book's are definitely better...
    but this movie was closest to the actual book...and made quite well, I must say. I absolutely loved it.

    I actually started reading the Deathly Hallow all over again.. and am tempted to read the rest of the books too :)

    In nutshell I loved it.. toadally :)

  6. i haven't read the book(s) either but have heard that the movie is no match

  7. Not a big HP fan, so doesn't matter to me. But I notice when a HP fan is talking of the movie, they are all gaga over it. When a non HP fan is talking about it, they say its too long. I guess it's one of those franchise loyalty thing.

  8. Never seen or read any of those Potter books..Not a great fan!!
    Iam not watching the movie either!!hope you see some magic in the next one!!

  9. it was the worst movie I have ever seen.. they have simply disregarded the book for sake of a teenage love story.. And yes you are right there is no Half Blood Prince in "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince".. Read the book to hate the movie..

    I really wonder why people are loving it all over the world.. Ya shayad main hi naadaan hoon ;-)

  10. i loved the movie. infact this movie is close to what is in the book as compared with the rest.

    spells and magic was in the initial books and this book more about finding clues for killing voldemort...still they couldnt include many parts which i thought they should. spells include karte to bass aur lambi ho jaati..

    harry potter movies are always a treat to people who have read the books... so you shouldnt expect much coz these books are not about only magic and spells...

    if are going to read this book than i suggest you read from the start...else you will miss many things explained before.

  11. @ Joy...
    I did not get bored at all... i liked the movie.. but this was a very disappointing movie for me!

    yea expectation is a killer and I am just human :)

    @ Jas
    yea... i might ! :P

    scottish aur irish accent samajhna to bahut mushkil hai bhai :) par mast hai :P

    @ Praney
    i will let you take a call on some more opinions :)

    @ Anony

    @ Tanu
    i am sure they are... HP fans are supposed to like it irrespective of how crappy the movie is made :P

    @ Tushar

    @ Subbu
    sahi bol raha hai bhai !

    @ Vaishali
    hmm lets see

    @ Gaurav
    I am not sure why people are loving it either... main bhi naadaan hoon :D

    @ Geet
    let me put it this way... I am yet to find a Harry Potter fan who has not "LOVED" the movie, and I am yet to find a non HP fan who "LIKED" the movie :)

    My apologies for being blunt, but personally I feel this was a waste of time movie as far as it being a HP flick is considered... a teenage love story with some twists... yes! really liked it!

  12. hahah that wasnt blunt..i hv heard more from non HP fans than this...

    its just like 'love' u know.. either it clicks or doesnt :P

  13. Well, bro, am an HP fan who really hated this movie.
    Why did i hate this?
    Bcoz, they left out too many things from the book. Integral parts. Shoddy editing work or smart marketing gimmick to up the sales of the 6th edition. HaHa
    I directed a even better version when i read the book and visualized it through the mindcamera! :D

  14. And yeah, forgot to sign off.
    Same anon as before.

  15. Yeh this book is not as good as other parts. It just lays the foundation for the final HP book. So this movie doesn't have much to offer. Still it could have been bit more exciting. Climax was a letdown. It was more exciting in book. Lots of things are missed out but they are not very important to plots. But I liked the movie. I would have loved it even it was 100 times worse than current :-)