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Cidade de Deus

  • A small town near Rio de Janeiro
  • Grass and Cocaine
  • Drug Lords of a different kind
  • Gangs with guns and kids not more than 15 years shooting each other
  • Many very impactful stories together...

That's Cidade du Deus or City of God for you!

If you have not seen it, find it and watch it!!! you will not regret spending the time!

I will not spend any lines talking about good the movie was and how I did not move for 130 minutes from in front of the Television.. if you want to know more, google it or read about it on IMDB!


  1. Hmmm...sounds good. Dhundhti hoon yeh movie.

  2. i have the movie but unfortunately i don't understand the language and there are no subtitles available.

  3. For a moment I thought you went to South America! :)

    Will lookup the movie.

  4. I thought you learnt some new language!! cool..will download the movie soon!!

  5. :) Its an amazing movie! I loved it to the core!

  6. One of the best movies i've seen till date (twice!). Fab editing, really stark visuals and one that hits u real hard.