Random images from my flickr stream...



Of good tires and driving...

A good camera body is your car

A good camera or its sensor is your engine under the hood

A good lens are the 4 wheels you drive on

Change any of these, and you do not improve as a driver

but change any of these, and your drive has a potential to improve

if you are a bad driver, does not matter you drive a Maruti 800 or a Mercedes SLK, you are going to fkk them up equally bad! SLK might just last a li'il longer though!

Enjoy some views from my test drive today!


  1. Thanks for taking all of us on a test drive. Enjoyed it :)

    awesome pics!!!

  2. Oh they are all beautiful. The one with the butterfly is my favorite!

  3. is this the new lens.. I can feeel something better here :P

  4. The test drive was good as usual :)
    Once again about the equipment vs. skill topic, I only partially agree with your analogy. If you are a bad driver you will fkk up no matter if you drive a Maruti 800 or a SLK - agreed. But even if you are a good driver, a bad car can make a huge difference. For example, what are the chances of a rally pro driving a Maruti 800 and doing well?
    For photography, you need a certain standard set of equipment. And to improve your skills, beyond a level, you may need to improve your equipment.

  5. I am plain JEALOUS!! They're fuckin' awesome!

  6. that is one helluva test drive... :) good analogy...

  7. Sir Jee!
    I have been looking for a kinda guide which can help me choose a camera for myself from plethora of options available.

    Then I thought of Chai Ki Dukaan!
    & guess what! I had this post!


    But would really appreciate if I can get some more guidelines on How to choose a Camera, not a Pro Camera but definately not an Aim n shoot kinds.

  8. The posts talks about two of ur passions - driving and Photgraphy..cool!!
    Shaandar tasveerein!!

  9. @ Swati

    @ Jas
    I was trying to take a photo of the butterfly in flight, but she was too fast ! :(

    @ Shivi
    hehehe... can you? What?

    @ Subbu
    I agree with you... when you are competing it makes a world of difference... With photography, unless you are printing your work, it really does not make a difference... while browsing through flickr, I see so many photographs which are taken from regular point and shoot cameras and are unbelievably amazing, which is where I am coming from!

    I agree that after a while you have to upgrade your equipment... every driver does that too :P I moved to a palio after years of driving the 800 :)

    @ Richa
    hehhe... thanks

    @ Anoop
    thanks bro

    @ Ankit
    lets talk on gmail about your camera! let me know what all you are expecting your camera to do...

    @ Vaishali

  10. i can imagine your excitment :))...if the test drive is so outta the world....imagine the result when you let the baby fly...in the places you love to hang out in :)

    am blown away by the sharpness...clarity...and the intense color !!!!!!

    great great investment :)

  11. Hi!

    I initially didnt understand the analogy and decided to read agian, before moving down to pictures, but understood only after seeing the pix ;)
    I have always liked your pix, congrats on the addition of a new jewel!


  12. @ Fighter Jet

    @ Joy
    yea ! I am so looking forward to it :)

    and I am super impressed by the color and contrast of the lens!

    thanks :)

    @ TSB
    thanks sweety :)

  13. :)
    Not to forget you did buy these superb lenses... otherwise you'd still be using the kit lens.

  14. @ Sam

    @ Subbu
    ekdum sahi bhai!

    par sahi bol raha hoon, meri photography to improve nahin hogi, photographs zaroor improve hongi... but there is a different confidence that I feel with my L series

  15. Beeeautiful photos, Prashant! The first one is my favourite :)

  16. i think colors are sharper.. it is like HDTV 1080 effect, one notices when going from a normal tv.

    Also may be it is just zoom but i can see the color variance in the leaves wala pic (last one)

    The butterfly pic esp is rendered very well - sharp colors- distinct from each other, inspite of being very similar in the color spectrum.

    Makes sense? Like I said .. I know nothing about the tech specs.. but thats what an average eye can figure out.