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the king is dead, long live the king

My dearest friend Burf writes...

"if i speak great words about MJ, i probably would not justify them because i didn't hear his music a lot. not that i listen to music a lot anyways but i never have compiled MJ's music/songs [in fact i never compiled music by artist's name].

having said that i would say that he had the most influence on me as a contemporary musician/singer. i was introduced to english music from his song video - black or white. and i absolutely loved a lot of his songs. i bought my first album by janel jackson and loved her song "if", which i personally think had a huge MJ influence. i was awed by his dance [and used to explain his steps in his videos to anyone i think don't comprehend the greatness in them] and although i don't really know if i could have made it to his show when he was to perform in delhi but ultimately didn't, i wouldn't have wanted to attend anyone else's concert more. i think he never deserved the kind of end he met. i believed he was framed in the cases and had wondered why are people so jealous and unhappy about his success.

when i last week read about his final strings of concerts in the UK, the selling out of all of his concerts, his numbers topping the charts - again, the whole gig worth $ 1 billion, i was excited, happy and relieved by the thought that finally he would again see sunshine that he so much deserved.

now that he is gone, i feel bad and sorry that i haven't seen him dance live on stage."

The first time I heard him, I did not understand a word of what he was saying, and could not really figure out why he was such a craze !!! Sandeep, my friend, was a BIIIG fan !!!

This was when I was in VIIIth standard or maybe IXth...

Over the next few years, I heard him again and again and over and over again! The first song I remember falling in love with was, "Do you remember the time" and then Billie Jean, Bad, Dangerous, Thriller, Heal the world and so on !!! Did i miss, Black or White?

Even today the crispness in MJ's music is something that is uncomparable !!!

MJ was practically dead for the last so many years, but now that he is not physically present, the void would be felt more!!!

But the good part is that the music will live, and it will live for good!!!


  1. sad it is.still cant believe.

    really want to knw the cause of his death.. read about high dose of pain killers he was taking per kyon? and i feel kuch to hua hoga usse warna itne saare scandals nahin hota.

  2. poor guy..riches to rags...story..inspite of all his contoversies,he ramian undisputed icon of english music.

  3. burf :)) has written such a heartfelt eulogy for MJ, truly the king!!!

    used to listen to the beatles and abba (all sweet and cuddly)...and then came michael jackson....bringing wildness into my young life..the video of beat it...was all things "cool"....went right through school with collars up...and chewing gum.....and thinking that the bad boys...were hot :)))...and the time spent figuring the moon walk (playing the slowly video frame by frame)...never could do it!!

    my personal favorites are the way you make me feel, give in to me (which has some great guitar playing by slash),the girl is mine ...actually the list is too long :))...

    am happy for him....i think he died of a broken heart...from the pain he was in ...ever since he was a child...if he ever was that (was singing from such a young age..around 10 or so).....god bless his soul

  4. I was not a crazy fan of MJ like most of my classmates at school but I liked MJ. I use to listen more to Bob Dylan, Abba, The Carpenters, Beatles but I really admired MJ for the music he gave us. Have quite a few fond memories attached to his music, including singing his very soulful 'Heal the world' at a singing competition and also winning it. (Thanks MJ)

    A black sequined jacket, silver shirt, black fedora and black trousers that skimmed the tops of his white socks. The final touch was a single white glove, studded with rhinestones. MJ and his music will live in our hearts forever!

    May his soul rest in peace. Amen!

  5. his life was wrapped in controversies, and so is his demise. but we will always remember his music.

    RIP MJ

  6. RIP MJ.

    burf has indeed done a wonderful job writing this eulogy