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The Trip to Milwaukee...

The day we applied for passports on the advice of our son Prashant ,we were prepared for travel abroad in 2004.

It was our son's 2nd visit and the 4th visit abroad.He had been to Britain twice.I always felt his presence around me as if he is talking, walking around me.It was easy to make up our minds to stay with him in America(Milwaukee,WI).

First step was to obtain NOC from our employers ,both being govt servants.I am working in the New Delhi Munciple Corp is a lecture and my wife as a Post Grad Teacher in Govt of National capital territory of Delhi. It was not merely routine matter.There were hiccups undone delays and the elections to lok sabha. I got the NOC in Feb 2009 but my wife had to struggle up to April 2009 and then got the permission from may 10 ti 28 June 2009.

Now applying for USA tickets and foreign exchange.My wife had been handling these affairs quiet actively with our son. His friend Aro - Arobindo Sinha, was quiet helpful with all that needed with the Internet and all the application filing. Now the wait for the date and Prashant sent an email to the American Embassy as well which was responded to quickly. The date and time of the interview was fixed and we both went to the embassy loaded with 5 files and a briefcase full of papers. The interview was quick and short, and the visa was sanctioned. Again the wait for collecting the VISA along with the passports. We got the message on the net and went to Nehru Place along with my Brother-in-Law Brij Bhushan Sharma who had come to see us off in the morning. Now that the Visas were obtained I contacted the agents and got the tickets. The one with whom we were in contact for over a month was disappointing. Others too contacted us. The agent from Shakarpur did the job. We wanted to travel by Air India but got the tickets for American Airlines. It was a win-win situation since the fare was a bit low and the travelling time was cut short by five hours.

When we reached the airport, though we had confirmed tickets, our names were not in the expected list of travellers. There was some goof up in the dates of the tickets. Aro was with us in NOIDA and dropped us off at the Indira Gandhi Airport. Aro is a very affectionate, soft-spoken, cooperative and diligent boy.

The young Indian employees of American Airlines were very cooperative, however it still took an hour to clear the mess. Delhi looked extremely beautiful from the plane window. Food was good. Prashant was waiting for us at the Chicago Airport along with Gaurav, in a rented Mazda6. It was sunny and I prayed to Surya Bhagwan and the journey to Milwaukee started. Drive was extremly smooth. Prashant has matured excellently in driving. We stopped at Gaurav's house where we met Deepali, his wife. A house-wife for the time being. A good match !
Prashant took us home. The flat is spacious but lacks cross ventilation. We took bath and had our meals. Prashant had a lot of food stored in his fridge, along with dry fruits, fruits, lemon juice, tea, coffee, beverages, vegetables and what not. He has learnt to manage home. Bed, table, chairs, racks etc are properly set up. Vegetables cooked by him have balanced spices. Perhaps he too likes the taste of the meals cooked by his mother. He had been learning tit-bits of cooking from her, time and again, over phone. We brought a Tava, Belan and spices, Arhar dal and some sweets along with us. The nearby metro market has almost everything that we need. What did not like is that both Meat and Fish are stored together.

Thank you Preet for helping to post this on Prashant's blog, Chai Ki Dukaan ! there is more coming up, stay tuned !!!


  1. @Uncle:
    Namastey Uncle :)
    This is a very lovely, emotional and sweet post. Hope you and aunty enjoy your stay in US and three of you have a good time :)

    @Om: Hmm...so someone is being a very good boy...err son :). Uncle sounds so happy and proud of his 'beta'.

    Shabaash! I'm so proud of you buddy
    God bless you :)

  2. Hello Uncle, Namaste..

    This is Tanu... I live in Utah.
    It's so nice that you are writing about your visit to US. My parents recently visited me and it was so nice to know their perspective, their journey from the time we wanted them to come ton when I actually picked them up from Chicago..

    There is nothing comparable to when we, as children, get to know about everything that our parents feel..

    I was very happy to see my mom, write about their trip. And am sure it's the same for Om.

    Wish you both to have a wonderful trip. And regards to aunty too.


    @Om - Om beta, this is wonderful.. I can imagine how happy you might be :) cheer's talk to you later..
    God Bless..

  3. Aww this is absolutely cute !

  4. sweet :)
    very nicely written post.......i am sure uncle and aunty will have good time out there :)

  5. pb : you make me jealus..the kinda relationship you share with yoru parents.. touchwood.. pretty emotional post...

  6. lovely :)
    reminds me of my parents!

  7. Uncleji,

    This is one of the sweetest posts i have come across till date :) I'm sure you must be really happy to be with Omie after such a long time. Hope you have a great time. Looking forward read more about your experiences in the US :)


    I thought you were a great blogger but your Dad is even better :)

  8. Dear uncle,

    ur post made me teary eyed...this is such a sweet,emotional post. you have an enviable relationship with your child..he is indeed very lucky ..

    PB..this is the best post on chai ki dukaan :)

    Bless you all...

  9. @ Rhapsody
    I hope so and my blessings for you and your family

    @ Tanu
    All parents are alike. They see their dreams come true in their children. We always enjoy your company.

    My regards to your parents !

    @ Iya

    @ Deepak
    Keep reading... you will see some of my work on a site soon. Stay in touch. Thanks

    @ FighterJet
    You too like my son...

    @ Bhumika
    I am really obliged... I can recognize you ! Will meet you sometime, if God desires !

    @ Teekhi Mirchi
    Chillies are never sweet but having consumed seperately the meal is extremely delicious and worth remembering!

    I too am lucky having read your comments!


  10. Namaste Uncle Ji..greeting to Aunty ji also..

    Hope you are having a great time in there..I am sure its a wonderful feeling to be together with your loved ones..

    Post bahut hi sweet hai..could feel your simplicity through your words.No wonder its passed on to Prashant too..

    Wish you have even a more splendid time there..

  11. Namaste Uncle!!!
    Thats shooooo shhweet letter.
    Parents are our best friends :)
    We would love to read more...keep writing!!! and have a wonderful time.

  12. Hello Uncle! It feels nice to share your joy and feelings on Chai Ki Dukaan. I hope you and Aunty are enjoying yourselves out there. I also hope that the weather is behaving!
    I live in Calgary, Canada and we got snow over the weekend! Its nothing out of the ordinary for us to get snow into June!

    Looking forward to a few more posts from you.

  13. @ Vaishali
    we do feel the same...

    @ Nida
    Soon... I will write more !

    @ Jas
    We are definitely enjoying the trip... I am afraid of snow and the untimely rains. The roads are blocked and its like house arrest !

    I have never seen snowfall!

    I will be writing off and on till I reach NOIDA! Be in Touch !

    Thank you !

  14. Thanks for your reply Uncle, we will look forward to more post from you,


  15. I wish both of you a great time and that I am someday able to do the same for my parents, what Prashant did for his!! :)

  16. I sure shall keep in touch Uncle. And I will look forward to your posts as well!

    You are right, it does feel like house arrest when it snows or rains! :)

    Here in Calgary, its no use buying summer stuff, there are hardly about 20 days when it gets really warm (about 28 degrees C)!

  17. like father ... like son... :)

    Wish both of you a pleasant trip.

  18. @ Tanu
    Its very difficult for me to use the computer at present. I am depending on Prashant for this job, so whenever he feels like it, he will write. I have already written 6-7 pages.

    Thank you !

    @ Sam
    Why don't you do it now? There should be no option. let them come and see how you live. The place you live in and the surroundings.

    I have written a lot. I hope you will be able to read it soon.

    Thanks for replying.

  19. @nice uncle... I thought so :) You and Aunty take care...

    @ Om - beta, now you post rest of what uncle wrote. takes care..

  20. I live in Delhi, which is not far from my hometown and they visit often but being able to take them somewhere, on my own would be nice.. :)