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A tale of two cities and one family...

I really wanted to write at length about the short trips to Chicago and Minneapolis, however I am so short on time, that I would have to limit myself to mentioning some words along with the pictures !!!

Ma Papa at the Millennium park...

Ma Papa in front of the Cloud Gate...

Ma and Deepali near the Cloud Gate...

V3 in the Millennium Park...

Ma, Papa, Gaurav and Deepali in front of the Cloud Gate...

View from the Sears Tower deck on the 99th floor... what a disappointment it was !!! Will write about it sometime later... Absolutely not worth the $18 you have to spend to get up there !!!

Chicago is a candidate city for the next Olympics and promotions are in full swing ! Seen here are the flags of all the participating nations...

One of the high rise buildings near the Navy Pier in Chicago...

Ma Papa in front of the St. Paul's Cathedral in the twin city of St. Paul....

V3 in front of the St. Paul Cathedral...

Church Service in progress at the St. Paul Cathedral...

Papa, Ma and Pritam at the Minnesota Zoo, Minneapolis...

Papa and Ma at the Zoo... Mom was looking smart in the Adidad Jacket !


A Giraffe feeding session in progress at the Minnesota Zoo...

Walking Pedestrian crossing at the Zoo...

I don't know his name, but he was a lazy animal !!!

These are brothers of King Julian (Pls refer to Madagascar if you do not know who king Julian is)

And King Julian himself... again ! refer to Madagascar please if you want to know more about the king !!

and some more slow and fast animals..Turtles above and Puma below...

And finally a view from the 14th floor Downtown apartment !!!

The last two weekends were good !!! very good infact !!! Met friends, roamed around with Ma Papa, heard their views on the US, drove a lot and various brands... there is more to come as the next few weekends arrive !!!


  1. Kya masti se bhari pictures hain. We can see you all had so much fun.
    The first picture is so,so, so cute :) Love the way aunty is resting her head on uncle. Adorable :). V3 wali bhi sweet hai. Family pics ki baat hi kuch hoti hai.
    St. Paul Cathedral is so beautiful.
    Lazy animal scary bhi hain.
    Brothers of King Julian and King himself innay cute hain :)

    Bahut hi mast post hai. Coming weekends main bhi khoob masti karna aap sab. Have fun :)

  2. Arre wah..bahut hi badiya hai..khoob mauj ho rahi hai, aunty uncle ke saath!!
    Really the first pic is way too cute..aunty is looking so innocent,and uncle has this naughty smile on his face ;)

    Liked your zoo waali pics specially that King Julian waali, and they view from your apartment..way too cool!!
    Arre haan us picture mein India ka jhanda bhi dikha ))))))

    U keep having fun!! Khoob saari masti maro!!God Bless

  3. seems like Murari has been behaving well. :P Ma-Paa look so-soo happy. :)

    Hoping that you all have a beautiful time together and Ma-Pa come home happy 'n rejuvnated.

    Their happiness makes everything so worth-it.

    hugs, B

  4. Is this their first visit to US? They look really happy and enjoying themselves. And that happiness must be because they are with you.

  5. happy pics :)
    seems like they are liking the time out there and i am glad to see that :)

    wonderful pics once again :)

  6. Awesome pics! I totally love seeing your Dad's pics (shh...don't tell him, i think I might have a crush on him ;)

    Sears Tower ka view itna accha nahi hai, did you go up the John Hancock bldg? That one is amazing!

    And is that a baby zebra?

  7. Great Prashant....your parents must be very proud of you! Now bring a nice bahu for them as well :-)
    Pics are really very good and looks like you all are enjoying.
    Keep enjoying and stay happy.

  8. WOW so many animals... LOVED THIS post...

    the lazy bugger is a sloth I believe, remember Sidd from Ice age?

    Lovely snaps.. and your dad looks really happy ... aunty does too.. but there is a sparking happiness in uncle's smile or may be just your camera :)

    anyway lovely shots and have more masti's

    c ya

  9. hey sir jee...

    Chai ki dukaan is not only about good pics and interesting stories, its also about some simple moral values of life. Thanks for being a guide for a guy some 7 yrs younger to you.

    A lovely post. Hope I can also gift my mom dad same kinda trip some day in life.

  10. sahi pics! ur mom rocks in adidas jacket. and that navy pier building too good. Keep sharing CHAI ki pyaliyan of life!

  11. nice pictures...
    u must have great time time time with parents..enjoy :)

  12. Very nice pictures of Uncle and Aunty. :) I liked all the V3 pictures! :)

    And one of my friends' calls me King Julien, as I often times do that impersonation! :D