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Its about the choice I make...

and not just at one time, but always !!!

I can either decide to sulk over something that I don't have or "can't" have, or decide to be happy about what I have....

I choose the latter for most part of my life these days and that makes me breathe easy !!! a lot easier than the times when I used to see the space around, instead of things that fill some of it !!!

For instance, I cannot buy the cars that I see on the roads here every day ! BUT, I have an option of renting them :) and in the last four weeks I enjoyed driving

Mazda 6

Chevrolet Impala

Ford Fusion

and this weekend, a huge Chrysler 300

I will write about my personal opinion about these cars sometime later (can't stay without driving a car and noticing a few things about it)

But the point is,

I choose what direction I turn my head it, I decide to turn in what is more satisfying !

Meanwhile, enjoy a view of 4 of the 9 awesome beauties that I own here in America !!!

Yea, I like miniature cars ! must have at least 20 of them back home in India !


  1. @Om: hmmm...but Do you think if we really, really want something...need something and if work really hard for for it and keep the faith, we'll get it sooner or later?

    Cute cars. I have a couple really cute miniature mahindra trucks back in Lucknow. And I had one very cute miniature car on my desk at work but koi le gaya :(

  2. "I used to see the space around, instead of things that fill some of it"

    Very nice.. :)

    I have personally gained a lot by adopting to appreciate what I have then complaining :)

    Watch Fast and Furious .. u might like it..

    and I totally agree to what Rhapsody said -

    "when we really want something, work hard and have faith" we are bound to get it.. NO MATTER What..

    cute cars

  3. Chalo ab pollution aaur road traffic kuch tho kam hoga miniature he sahi.

    missing ur post

  4. "I used to see the space around, instead of things that fill some of it"

    Brilliant.. !

    But what if it was a complete picture, and slowly things that were filling the spaces, vanished. and now, where there were things, there is an empty space ?

  5. @ Swati...
    I think you missed the point... sulking and cribbing about something that you do not have is completely different than working to get it!

    @ Tanu

    I have seen Fast and Furious... I like all of them, including the latest flick !

    @ Princess
    you bet !!!

    @ Shivi

    I think that always happens... its like you computer's desktop... you have a set of icons that you see and one day you have to clean up or some licenses expire and you remove the shortcuts and then new applications take their space...

  6. @Om: I did not miss the point.

    I was thinking about something just before I started reading this post. The thought lingered and I wanted someone help me with the answer so I posted the question here.
    I shouldn't have posted it here. Pls ignore.

  7. Lol what an analogy... Yeh licenses expire wala funda mujhe bahut sahi laga ! Good job ! Perfect Jawab 100/100 milte hain iske liye and a star bhi - golden wala .. :)

  8. Isn't buying a car lot cheaper than renting it?

  9. makes me so happy to read this post...from being half empty ...you have made your glass half full :))

    congratulations !

  10. @ Swati
    fair enough !!!


    @ Shivi

    v. good te 5 thikke :)

    @ Vinita
    not really...

    I stay some 10 minutes from the office, so I do not need a car to go to work... The daily grocery store is another 10 minutes walk, no need for the car there too ! The michigan lake is 10 minutes in the other direction... don't need a car to go to a picnic location either !

    Parking Costs atleast 80 bucks a month for the covered parking (which is essential because snow makes moving cars practically impossible for a long time during winters)

    Insurance on the car would be another 70-80 bucks per month...

    A total of $150+ per month minimum if I have a car (I am not counting the cost of the car and gas right now)

    And a rental for a weekend costs me $100 if I take a full size car (Honda Accord sorts)...

    So renting a car makes more sense in my case! Plus I get to drive nice new cars!

    Sorry about a long response !

    @ Joy
    I am glad to write it too... moving in the right direction !!! :)

  11. It can be just a co-incidence Prashnat, but it was just y'day I put somethng very similar in my journal!! No point sulking or cribbing over what u dont have..lets make best of what we have n be happy :)
    But one should take ownership of ones life rather than jus leaving it...

  12. I cannot buy the cars that I see on the roads here every day ! BUT, I have an option....
    of ogling at them whenever and wherever I see them! Sometimes to the point that I almost bang into other cars while I am busy ogling at the beauties! :D

    Beautiful thoughts, by the way!

  13. bahot hi badhiya approach ji..

    for me.. when something changes unexpectedly or something goes away, my first reaction is mostly 'panic'..3-4 din dimaag sa kharraab rehta hai fir i think about good things in the options tht i hv.
    mostly, in those 3-4 panics days i 'shop'.

    and i exactly do what @jas mentioned above :),inlucding bikes!

  14. i am sorry.. sometimes (read a few) it did take months to accept a change..but then Bhagwan ji helped me by sending his messengers :)

  15. The optimist that you are!! :)

    And the cars, collecting them is sweet.. :D

  16. Having an options itself is so great :)

  17. its worth it to be happy for what u have and what u can have rather than to cry over what u cant... though nothin bad in working towards it...

  18. Wow..some food for thought again!!
    Vaise I belong to the first category..people who crib,blame GOD for the wrongs done to them,cry like hell,torture themselves to the core by thinking even worse(but only for a while..say about 15 minutes) and then smile..look at the brighter side..n work try to forget things..but good to know, you are a true optimist fella!! good good!!