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St. Patrick's Day Parade in Milwaukee

One fine Saturday afternoon I left for Gaurav's place (which is more like a routine now for weekends) and was in the bus number 14 as usual to Southridge Mall...

When the bus was moving on the Wisconsin Avenue, I saw a lot of people on the road.. the number was too high for any Saturday that I have been here in Milwaukee and they were with family, food, dogs, chairs, blankets and what not and were setting camps next to the road...

I decided to get off the bus and figure out what was happening... and realised that it was the St. Patrick's day Parade day... Disappointed that I was only carrying my walk-around lens and not the long one, and happy that I was at least carrying the camera, I decided to stick around and watch the parade...

It turned out to be a wonderful experience and the first such in the US for this visit... Enjoy the photographs below...

A number of vintage cars participated in the parade... these two are from 1940s and still running flawlessly... I took a few pictures of the owner of the car on the right, and he has offered me to show around the town and even a ride in the 1945 Ford he has... I am really looking forward to that opportunity...

The guy on the right wanted me to take a picture of his... He told me that they manage the security in the Parade...I asked him if he has a gun, he said yes but refused to show it to me :) I told him I believed him and took this picture of his :) and his colleague...

This was the lad(y) of liberty posing for me :)

Was happy to see so many Harley's on the road... Milwaukee has the HD Museum which is really one of its kind in the US being the only official HD Museum !

A number of IRISH dance schools also participated in the parade with girls of all ages dancing a bit every few hundred feet for the crowds...

The man with kilts playing the Bagpiper... I love this instrument... There is a Scottish band called Clanedonia who do percussion and bagpipe fusion and they are amazing.. do find a CD if you can!

Many Manimals were there too.. oops.. Animals I meant ! Dogs (picture on flickr sometime in future) Horses... what amazing animal is a horse... very royal and the ones in the parade were huge ! Larger than life ones !

And this is me :) on a different day but wanted to post this picture coz I love it so much !!! Thank you Preet for taking this picture !!!


  1. Wow! This looks like so much FUNNN!!!
    I want to attend that, too :(

    The pics are really nice.
    The vintage cars, Harleys, the bagpipers, the lad(y) of liberty :) and St. Patrick...sab ek dum mast!!!

    Looking fwd to see pics of dogs and horses. Both are loyal, lovable and my favorite animals. :)

  2. Hmm... Aapke shades dekehe kaafi mast hai.. inhe khone ki zehmat na kijiye ga.. bada afsos hoga :P "Semi Pakizah"

    St Pattys is sooo much fun ! I like the pics. I have been in different places on all St Pattys day so far in US and have enjoyed all of them :) Next time go to an Irish Pub and enjoy.. the fun lies there .. :P

    Self love always wins in the end ... (reference to the last pic)

  3. i guess i know about this parade from the movie the fugitive. dunno if it is the same.

    teri foto bahut achi khichi hai

  4. The parade sounds like fun! Especially the getting off the bus bit. :)

    And your picture is frikkin' hot! :P

  5. Horse waali pic to bass out of the league hai in sabmen... loved it.. and then the kucheee puchee puppy!!!

    i liked the way your pic is processed.. wo border main thodi dark shade iss pic ko aur bhi mast bana rahi hain...as if film waale camera se li ho.. aur tum to bhaaishaaabb ...jakkaasss...haina haina !!! :)

  6. @ Swati
    thanks... it sure was a lot of fun !!!

    I will post those pictures soon !

    @ Shivi
    shukriya :) I like these shades too !

    This was an interesting event to be a part of... maza aaya thaa... did not visit any pubs though... sometime later maybe...

    I really like the last pic :)

    @ Tushar
    pata nahin bhai, maine nahin dekhi wo picture...

    thank you hai

    @ Richa

    isn't it... i really like this picture

    @ Geet
    thank you hai :)

    haan that is something that i did on flickr.. usko vignetting bolte hain !!!

    hehehe.. haanji :P

  7. yeh tere abhi ka snap hai kya??

    tu toh mota ho gaya hai :)

  8. wow.. the 9th snap look perfectly periodic... the Harleys, vintage cars and dancers and all that - superb snapshots :)next time, can you please take more snaps of Harleys (or, as a matter of fact, any bikes) you come across?

    and bro, u look superb in the snap...

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  10. The parade looks like so much fun...Ur pics have a very dark tint in them...Do u increase the saturation or are these the original ones that u hav clicked??
    .....but either way, they look good.

  11. Wow..I always wanted to attend sucha a parade..some day for sure!!

    n BTW your pic is super Hawt!!
    i seriously didnt recognise u..ur hair,glares everythin looks different and good!!
    Nicey nice!!

  12. @ Tanu
    haanji... hibernation mein thaa na sardiyon main... khoob khaya... ab dheere dheere use aur lose karunga :P

    @ Anoop
    thanks bro...

    I have a few pictures from the HD museum that I am yet to upload... will do that soonest...

    and thanks :)

    @ Diana
    thanks... I was not able to understand the dark tint part that you have mentioned... I like high contrast images personally and am not sure if that is what you were referring to...

    all of the photographs on the blog are almost original with minor contrast adjustments ( if any)

    thanks !

    @ Vaishali
    some day... all the best !!!

    thanks :) ek gaana yaad aaya :) "saala maine to sahab ban gaya" :P

    thanks :)

  13. amazinf snaps Prashant........ specially the last one !! :-)

  14. hehehehe...jhakas type fotu, last wala :)

  15. @ Reetika
    gee !!! thanks :)

    @ Anjuli
    :) :)

  16. Arre Vintage Car Rally! I envy you!

    Did you drink green Beer? :)

    Aur aapki tasveer bahut dhaansu hai! :)

  17. yea... there were quite a few cars there... no dearth of the modern ones too but I like vintages more than the newbies anyday !!!

    no beer for me :)

    and thank you :)