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छिछोरगर्दी फुल टाइम ! (Chhichhorgardi Phull Time !)

With the music of Gulal, there is one more song that has been added to the list of my favorites... the ones where you need atleast space for 3 people, have a gamcha in your neck, your lower lip between your teeth, and dance like there is no tomorrow :)

राणाजी म्हारे गुस्से में आये, आइसो बल खाए,
अगिया बरसाए, घबराए म्हारो चैन

जैसे दूर देस के टावर में घुस जाये एरोप्लेन
जैसे सरेआम इराक में जाकर बस गए अंकल सैम

Actually two songs :) the other one is

बीड़ा दूजी थाली का लगे बड़ा मसालेदार
मन बोले चक मक हाए चक मक हाए चक मक हाए चक मक चक मक चक मक

खाई तो मचल गई रे ओ कजरारी नार
मन बोले चक मक हाए चक मक हाए चक मक हाए चक मक चक मक चक मक

The simplicity in lyrics and music is something that bowls me over EVERY single time with such songs... Thank you Rekha Bhardwaj for rendering it in a way that it touches the heart!

Thanks Geet for the post on Gulal... Good music and some very strong lyrics! I am looking forward to the movie as well...

Oh and talking about the title... here is the last video from my trip to Minneapolis... the gang enjoying with Billo Rani !

The best part is that Papa also likes this song a lot and there is no time when he listens to this song and we do not put it on a repeat :)

Another random thought, I need to prepare a list of songs for my bachelor party, whenever that happens :D

If you are not able to see the embedded video, click here to see it on youtube.

You might also want to see some photographs of these guys HERE.


  1. THIS VIDEO IS SO FUNNY!!!!hahaha

    And Pritam ki billo wali adaiyen..uff!!!
    Killer hain!!!!hahahah

    I can't stop laughing!!! Usko bola main uska dance 4 baar rewind karke dekha....Aagle 'nach baliye' main uska nimination bhej dun???


  2. *nomination

    still laughing....God!!!hahahaha

  3. the video was fun!! the first pic yuck all sweaty and stinky.
    Oh yes, oh yes, in the video what was that !

  4. ....mast video...u guys seems to have ball of time :)

  5. oof too much ho gaya.. laughing my guts out...

  6. Bahut badhiya! D

    Arre aap to baithe hi rahe, khade ho kar bhi do chaar thumke laga lene the! :D

  7. the entire rana ji song is such a good satire on USA and its politics.......amazing lyrics

  8. ju are bhelcome ji!!! yaar wo dance floor per chishmish uncle kya analyze kar re the?

  9. PB The sardar in the first pic how do u know him?

  10. baki sab to theek hai par wo pic mein uncle inne hairan hokar kya dekh rahe hain?

  11. I alwz knew..no one can beat ur tumkas and latka-jhatkas!!
    lovely..u r the best PB!!
    loved your chichora video!!
    Keep Rocking!!

  12. @ Swati...
    :) bhej do nomination kahin bhi.. waise bihar up wagerah ki nautanki mein perform karne ka mauka milega to jhande gaad kar aayenge hum log :)

    had total fun that evening !!

    @ Anony

    and if you do not sweat when you are dancing there is some medical problem... my suggestion is see a doctor asap

    @ Fighter
    you bet :)

    @ Chandan
    hehehe... good good

    @ Jas
    arre main to DJ thaa :) main dance nahin kar sakta thaa :P

    @ Deepu
    you bet... its fun !

    @ Geet
    :) hehehe... wo Tarun hai... mera colleague in Mantas... not sure what he was looking at :)

    @ Tootsy
    I am sorry I can't remember his name, but he was one of the fun guys to be with when I was working in Mantas, now a part of GlobalLogic... I was there for 4 months before I joined IBM

    @ Anjuli
    :) kuch to dhoond raha hai...

    @ Vaishali

    thank you hai ji, but the star of the video is Pritam kumar :)

  13. sweat that much is a bit too much according to me.