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The Good and the Bad !

Lets start with the good one... According to an article in the TOI, Delhi Police would help stranded women anytime of the day... which basically means if you are stuck somewhere please call 100 and a PCR would assist you shortly...

The decision is noble and well appreciated... what needs to be done is a proper implementation and then sustain it... make sure that records are maintained and published for the people to judge if this initiative is successful or not... if not anything else it might just help restore some faith that I am not sure how many have in the Delhi Police.

If the past has taught us anything, such initiatives do start but loose their steam in the early stages, either because of lack of properly thinking or planning !

So, good luck Delhi Police! I hope you do make a change !

And the bad one now...

Sri Lankan Cricket team attacked in Pakistan... ok before that... Pakistani Stand up comedians were forced to leave India after the Bombay incident !

I agree that the magnitude of these two incidents is way different, but still SHAME on people who are involved in spreading the terror and reacting like a bunch of idiots to it !

ART, SPORTS, MUSIC and similar, are things that go a long way in helping bridge some gaps at-least between the people if not between two nations... and such acts ensure that everything is over in a minute...

I doubt if SL or any other international team is going to play a match in Pakistan EVER, and I am not sure if any Pakistani Comedian or Musician would perform in India...

but what I know is somewhere someone, in the streets of these nations, irrespective of the boundaries would continue to love how JayaSurya has kicked some bowler butt, how Wasim Akram has made the batsmen go clueless (I love watching his action... every single time), how Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has made millions of people love him..

Damn the Political Agendas which has separated the people and drew these limits !!!


  1. Absolutely.
    No team is ever going to play in Pak and no artist from Pak will perform in India. Like you said, if we contnue to react like a bunch of idiots, the future is very bleak...

    But nonetheless, people will still appreciate and be in awe of all those brilliant people in their own rights...no boundaries can ever put an end to that.

    I can't believe you loved watching Wasim Akram in action! So did I...and ended up in many a physical combat with my younger (but physically bigger) brother during India-Pak matches! :) Oh those days!

  2. Don't we all love Nusrat saab's music (and now Rahat saab)? And how Wasim Akram bowled? Even before that, when I was serious about cricket, I modeled my run up after Imran Khan's!

    Damn politics and the greed for power.

  3. Hmm..iam somehow biased..let me keep my mouth shut here

  4. @ Geet...

    @ Swati..
    you bet

    @ Jas
    I hope the sports and the art carries on... I really hope !

    Oh Wasim has the best action in the world... Personally I don't think it gets better than what he does !!!

    Cricket is so much fun when you are watching with someone you are close to :)

    @ Anoop
    yea !

    @ Subbu
    haan bhai... we all love them !!! and the love and respect does not get impacted no matter what !

    but damn these politics...

    @ Vaishali..
    would like to hear from you about what you think... might not agree to it, but still...