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There is a lot of money out there !!!

$ 150 Million were spent on Obama's inaugration ceremony... Was it just to keep with the expectations of the world?

I am just wondering if this could have been managed in anything less than what was spent?

Recession? Was anyone really thinking about it when this function was held?

I am wondering if this ceremony was the cheapest ever instead of the most expensive ever, would it have made people to think differently?


Vijay Mallya gets back Gandhi's stuff to the country at a cost of $1.8 million...


The country?

right !!!

and now I am really interested in knowing how India gained from this.. After all this was done for the country !!! On second thoughts I am wondering about why am I getting so angry about all this, its his bloody money, he can spend it on whatever he wants! after all, he has earned the money and the rights to spend it too !

I personally feel that the word Gandhi is a bit too over hyped in India... especially when the other names have just been limited to names and a holiday and maybe some awards or roads or markets...

I did not feel good about this "victory" and felt that we are focussing on absolutely irrelevant activities at some level... and spending time, money, and effort doing those!

Multiple issues, and I am feeling angry... aargh !


  1. hmmmm gussa to jayaz hai! but like u said, it is his money and he has the right to do whatever with it. Id still say ki atleast ghar ki cheez ghar mein rahi..

    But yes Gandhi is over hyped.. as per me. and not just the name, but the man as well.

  2. have a glass of chilled lasssii and chilax :)

  3. I am not blind Gandhi follower sirjee,
    and i had a view point just like u have but then i read his autobiography, My Experiments with Truth. and was overwhelmed by his discipline and his life.

    his nick name "MAHATMA",i wud say he truly deserved it. HE is not overhyped.
    And even if he is over hyped, its right otherwise our next generations wud forget the teachings his life has given us all.

    sincere advise: Read "My Experiments with Truth"

  4. weekend is on its way to calm u down!!!

  5. Yeah, and I don't even want to think about all the money that was spent on the Oscars. The clothes, the shoes, the jewelery, the whatever the heck it is that costs so much money!

    u got me angry too!

  6. I had a similar conversation with a friend when they were sending out the invites for Obama swearing in ceremony...and for that matter for a lot many other things that money is spent so lavishly on...

  7. shaant gada-dhaari bheem, shaant!!!

    Gussa aane wali baat hai par shaant ho jao, balak! :)

  8. Spending lavishly on not so meaningnful events is nothing new, its been done in past and will continue in future too...and as you said correctly its Mallya's money and his wish, but I personally think not everyone has the guts to spend so much and gift it back to country...read his interview in TOI here

    and on Mahatma, I am with Ankit, have the book with me but just read initial part, will complete it now.

  9. good think these thoughts...feel these emotions...and channel them in a direction that makes an impact...bring about a change...however small or big that change may be....change your microcosm...and the macro cosom has to change !!

  10. aur gussa karna hai? read this!


    Boss, yeh paisa to Indian tax-payers ka hai, kisi ka apna nahi hai!

  11. Gandhi is overhyped in India - couldn't agree more. I am not undermining his contribution, but it's as if others weren't there at all!

  12. More than Obama and Mallya, frankly i'm a million times more pissed off with money that is 'LOST' in our country in the name of election, urban road construction, govt projects, donation and rural development.

    And Gandhi Ji i think is not over-hyped.. I guess that one man just knew too well what would get us what we have today. I have always been a Bose, Bhagat, Azad fan but the difference between them and him was that they were brave and angry and he was brave and wise. Never lost his cool.

    But yes there are many who haven't received the hype they ought to have...

    Hope you have a lovely weekend...

  13. I agree with U ..Gussa iss baat ka nahi aata ki how dare they waste..
    It's there money earned by whichever means...
    Gussa iss baaat ka aata hai..Jab they talk abt corporate responsibility..concern or "Empathy" for the society...Least they can do is nt fuel hogwash on socialism...bah...
    when the big three automakers..bailout ka beek magne gaye they..they were all set to go in their lavish corp jet planes..till the public furor ..following the news..made em hastily retreat their plans...
    How much is actual concern n how much is BRAND Building!!!
    n Ya as Vinod said...Just watch out for the news to know the amount of spendin that's gonna take place during political campaigning b4 Elections..the "Umreekan "way! :-/

  14. well said.I too feel Gandhi is little overhyped.If only his teachings were practised also.

    And the money....Mr.Malay has done it for his personal cause..only in the grab of national pride.

    If he reallt wanted any good of Indias...he can have put that money to better use for poor indias.....

  15. I often wonder why people always bring up these issues after the event has occurred!

    Being aliens here, i know we don't have much of a right to protest in anything, but simply on humanitarian grounds, I think the protest is valid.

  16. @ Iya
    I am not angry about the money actually.. I feel bad about this being labeled as being done for the country !!!

    I am wondering what has the country achieved out of this !

    Gandhi is bloody over hyped... man too.. i agree... I had written about this sometime back too !


    @ Tanu
    tujhe to irritation pata hai na... aur yahan par badiya lassi bhi nahin milti re !!!


    @ Ankit
    Two key points here bro...

    1. Its an autobiography
    2. Its about a man who has been in the limelight for an incredibly long time... What makes you think they will publish anything that tarnishes an public image in that book?

    and I am in agreement with the philosophy, but is that all that India is about? Gandhi?


    @ Geet
    yea, and its been nice so far !


    @ Kashmira...
    well what can I say ! :(


    @ Jas
    yeah... that was one classic event which left me wondering about a lot of things !!!


    @ Swati


    @ Shruti
    my question is..

    1. what good has it done to the country?

    its his money, he bought it... why are we attaching country to it? There is nothing that India is going to gain with the spectacles frame and those belongings !


    @ Joy


    @ Kashmira


    @ Subbu
    Could not agree with you more on what you have written !


    @ Vinod
    I would like to disagree with you somewhere, but I cannot... except about what Gandhi taught and where we are today is because of him and all that...

    There are many people who have contributed to what this country is today and not just that person ! And we just seem to be forgetting about all of those !


    @ Deepti
    right !!!!


    @ Fighter Jet
    you bet !


    @ Kshitiz
    I don't have an answer to your concern there, however I am sure there are people who might have raised a voice while all of this natak was happening !

    As for me, I was just watching all of this drama and wanted to vent it out here after it was over ! not really protesting but just disagreeing with the thoughts behind what happened !

  17. I feel all the same for the Gandhi n Nehru Parivaar!!

  18. Leave everything aside...how did u manage this picture dude?? scary..wat was this guy upto ??

  19. there are so many things which made us upsaet. But some how Mallaya spending money to buy gandhi ji stuff is something good. He atleast got our stuff back to India.

  20. @ Vaishali
    same pinch

    @ Tunna
    :) He was very angry at something in the factory in Daurala

    @ Paavani
    you are right, but I am somehow not really able to find any good with getting this stuff back to India and at this cost as well. I am wondering what good does it to the country? No one really cares whatever happened to the clothes and accessories of other people like Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, etc... why just Gandhi?

  21. Hi Om,

    If you are gussa about why other freedom fighters are not that much hyped then I can understand.. Personally I feel its a fashion now-a-days to bash Gandhi ji and his ideologies. Ya .. its very easy for us to say like that because we are born in free nation. I would advise you whenever you have time please go to Sabarmati Ashram and read about his works and way of life.. May be as a person you would start liking him..

  22. @ Rakesh
    The feeling of "NO ONE ELSE" getting any credit is one of the reasons why I am not too keen about Gandhi"ji"... however I do not do it because its in fashion, I do it because its a personal choice that I have made...

    Answer one question honestly, why would anyone keep things in the Sabarmati Ashram that would put a question mark to the image of someone who is talked about in the entire world?

    and I do not ask anyone to dislike or not follow what he talked about, then why is it that I am supposed to like him?

    I am sorry for a candid comment Rakesh, but I said what I felt like... apologies if that is not how you would like it !

  23. "Answer one question honestly, why would anyone keep things in the Sabarmati Ashram that would put a question mark to the image of someone who is talked about in the entire world?"

    My idea of visiting sabarmati ashram, was not to see his personal belonging, there is nothing in that..what i meant was one can really feel the era of our freedom struggle through the books, visuals and many other things displayed at the ashram .. more than that Gandhiji's struggle for the untouchables of our society is most notable, how many of us can dare to go against our own family members for others ?

    I don't want you to like Gandhiji, I just wanted you to know more about him.. there must be something in this man.

  24. That is a fair thought... Infact I have some serious plans to visit Gujrat when I am back in India and would make it a point to visit the Ashram as well...

    Thanks Rakesh !