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Kuarterly Kleaning !

I dive when I want to... if pushed I may fall !

I am going through my quarterly evaluation phase these days... for some reason every few months I start questioning myself on what am I upto and what are things around me all about...

The ones that add value, Stay
The ones that don't, they go away

Call it a 3 monthly cleaning of the mind ! Its a tricky situation to be in because I get into a very critical and analytical mode where I question myself a lot, and at times feel bad about doing certain things or not doing them ! However the end result is usually a "sunny spring" after a "cold winter" kind of a feeling !!!

As as result of this quarter's activity, the working out sessions at home have stopped and I have joined a gym which started well yesterday with about a mile of running and some free weights!

There is a lot more going on the li'il brain of mine.... later maybe !


  1. That's a nice way to get back on track. Tell us what you let go and what new things you added.

  2. Well hope once in a while you do clean up the Mind too...as it will end up holding a lot...

  3. @ Vinita...
    :) yea.. helps a lot...

    I am not sure if I am going to share the details here, but was just getting worked up about something and writing helped !

    @ Ceedy...
    I think thats what I mentioned in the post... 3 montly cleaning of the mind :)

    not sure if I got your comment right!

    I kind of end up holding on to much in the mind at times, for some reason, I am not sure if I like it that way or have become like that over years... however post this time, I usually feel good and light :)

  4. It is a good way to get rid of all bad memories & negative thoughts.... Basically it removes negative energy from your mind and body and restores positive energy back!!!

    Dive when you want to, when you are ready.


  5. Arrey wah.. what an idea.. sounds like a very productive thing to do.

    I do something called life planning where I draw funky diagrams with me in the center and all the things i want to do and those that i want to stop doing. then i categorize them in major life areas- finance, personal, social, academic.. and then I write down goals and milestones. I do it usually when the year starts and then i keep a log of milestones and and when they happen. But I have phases where I deviate from my plans and then I sit back with my book of planning and revise my goals.

    I think it works 60% of the times. I think that paired with Kuarterly Kleaning is a good idea !

    Thank You ! and Good luck ! Oh and the Gym idea.. Bhery good.. I am skipping gym today also :( have to finish this book-shantaram today :P

  6. Quarterly cleaning...hmmmm
    Sometimes even the ones that add nothing are hard to let go of, don't you think so?
    I go thru "critical analysis" of myself as well, alomst every night before I fall asleep! :)

    Arre gym ki to kya bataoon...ek baar join kiya tha, aur tab gym wallon ne mujhe ek trainer hire karne par majboor kar diya (50dollars an hour!), what can I say, I can't say no even when I want to. Usne mujhe itna push kiya ke kya bataoon...bhaari bhaari weights uthwa uthwa ke usne mujhe elbow ka tendonitis karwa diya! Uske baad se maine hi-fi gym join karne band kar diye! Swimming hi kar ke guzaara kar leti hun! :D

  7. forgot to ask..whts going away?

  8. @ Swati..
    I am starting to believe that no memory is a good memory or a bad memory... and trying to put the not so good experiences into learnings... and infact they are learnings to not do them again !!!

    experiences is what we can call them :)

    I am kind of looking at the pool and thinking of diving... karunga zara paani kam thanda ho to

    @ Shivi
    Happens automatically with me... Kind of a brain cycle i guess !!! and helps clean up things as welll...

    life planning? baap re... tum ko 100 kadam aage ho Shivi... main sochta zaroor hoon, par tum to masha-allah kya bolun main :)

    Ek sheet scan karke bhejna kabhi please...

    and thank you... working out in the gym is a good idea... specially running on the treadmill and what is best is when a hottie is on the machine in front of you.. you can run after her for a looooooooooooong time :) and hope to get closer... and in the process burn some calories too ;)

    Books... phew I cannot read many... i think i know why

    @ Jas
    yea... cleaning...

    critical analysis everyday? baap re... tum to Shivi se bhi ek kadam aage ho !!! uff... pagal log hai is duniya mein ! makes me feel better :P

    See writing things does help this way !!!

    And gym... gadha instructor thaa... but honestly.. swimming is better than anything that I know of... sach kahoon to maine bhi swimming ke charm ki wajah se hi join kiya hai... will start doing that in a week or so....

    @ Geet

    abhi pata nahin... thoda sa carelessness and taking myself for granted is in the list of things going away !

  9. In my opinion, every experience whether good or bad, every success or failure...teach us something.
    But sometimes we stop ourselves from doing things in life because our bitter experiences and failures in the past, stop us from doing them!
    By stopping ourselves, unknowingly, we fan negative energy/vibes in our body and shoo away those postive energy/vibes which are being sent to us.
    So dost, the idea is to let go of negative energy - let go of negative thoughts, bitter experiences, failures, gulit, etc - and to give way to positive energy/vibes. When we do so,things do fall in place.

    Atleast, I've learnt to believe this :)

    Uff!!kaafi lamba ho gaya...post ke barabar ek comment...hehehe

  10. breathtaking photo of that yellow flower - it made me forget what I want to comment... :|
    cleaning up the mind and the desk is good - you will free up lot of space - like a defrag of the HDD :)

  11. Wow..I like your idea of K-K-K-K-Kuaterly Kleaning but my brain somehow cleans stuff automatically,it keeps things Please refer to Actions and Solutions for updates. n fresh,that it wants to, and erases the not so good memories..

  12. @ Swati...
    I agree... par bye God too much of Gyan ho gaya ye !!! not sure if I needed it :)

    Most of my things do fall into place, I guess I must be doing something right :)

    @ Anoop...
    I like that flower photograph too :)

    I remember you have a clean desktop and a clean desk :)

    Cluttered drawer maybe? :P

    @ Vaishali
    Arre sahi hai... My process starts automatically, but it does not work like a windows installation where I can sit back and relax :) thoda effort maarna hi padta hai...

    and your "please refer to actions and solutions for updates" got included again :)

  13. Me and my big mouth :)

    Aap the offend ho gaye :)
    sorry for the gyan...
    though, as mentioned there, it was just an opinion.
    Anyway, abb nahi dungi.

  14. sometimes I do wish to hop scotch to an island as an extended part of Kuarterly Kleaning with no connectivity n then came back new..n alive after a Quick reclamation of Life :)

  15. You... YOU... have joined a gym? I don't believe this! Wow! But I am verrry glad that you did :)

    Miracles do happen after all... Aro will also join a gym one day. Amen!

  16. @ Swati..
    na na... offend nahin hua... mujhe laga main bhi kuch aisa sa hi keh raha thaa, and did not really need more gyan specially when I am going through a process myself !

    @ Iyi
    how cool would that be !!!


    @ Subbu
    abe !!!

    just so you know, I used to work out regularly for over 3 years when I was in college... par phir ye naukari dhande ke beech mein sab chhoot gaya !

    Filhal to Miracle hi samajh lo :) Aro!!! no way !!!