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For Autobots !!

In the list of movies I can watch any times over and over again... Transformers would probably in the top 10 maybe top 6 or 5 as well...

I just cannot get enough of the movie... small screen big screen anything works... but this movie is not really made for a small screen or regular audio... No screen is big enough and no sound system is good enough !!!

The character of Optimus Prime just demands respect, right from the first word he speaks, and that truck he transforms into... oooooooooooooo.... and bumble bee has to be my favorite of all of them... he is such a cool dude... and I so so want to have one of those junk looking crazy sounding mind boggling camaros...

And the line in the movie, "A driver don't pick the car, a car picks the driver." I guess thats what exactly had happened that September in 2004 when I bought my car... She picked me !

ok, back to the movie !

I LOVE IT... Period.

And I saw a blue Chevy Camaro today and was so so so so wanted to drive it... someday!

p.s. I think Jyoti had taken this photograph. I am not too sure.

And while we are talking about Machines and Cars and emotions, have a look at the video below...


  1. havn't seen the movie....but have tried re-assembling a transformer toy from a truck to a man like thing...was an impossible task !!

    i checked and i think you are right....about the pic...was fiddling with ur camera ...oppps :P :P :P

  2. .....its amazing video!More strange,as it seems to be real one.The world is full of such abnormal realities.

  3. @ Jyoti...
    did you ? :) I am going to look for one of those trucks myself...

    yea I remember this is what you had taken

    @ FighterJet
    you bet ! I was surprised at how Cristian rushes towards them and just showers all his love... beautiful !

  4. love that movie :) and yeah i agree with that - it is the car/bike which chooses the driver/rider :)

  5. oh my god..that video is awesome..i always dream of having a tiger my pet and share Exactly this kind of bonding...loved it.. thank you!!!

  6. beautiful !!!...love can win over any thing...well almost ...except some aspects of human nature...very moving video :))

    and enjoy ....http://www.hasbro.com/transformers/universe/default.cfm?page=Entertainment/Arena
    --be careful...though you have to be 5+ to play ;)

  7. I saw the movie but I missed the plot... I guess I was too busy watching Megan Fox :P

    The Lion story, now that, I like - what a story!

  8. @ Anoop...

    @ Geet
    yea... bonding !!! how we humans miss it..

    @ Joy

    5+ what? 5+ 30? :P

    @ Subbu
    uff hai yaar wo bandi... literally uff !!!

    yea... the lion story !!!

  9. I havn't seen the movie..but heard a lot about it..may be sometime..
    and the post..too many things put in together..seems like a lot of things are going through our mind at the moment..cars..machines..movies..love-conditional/unconditional..betryal.wat not!!
    aaram do apne dimaag ko!!

  10. It was such a delight watching transformers on the big screen. They did a very great job of it, especially the transformations!
    Since it was released, I have watched it many times over, and every single time I enjoy it more than ever!

    Optimus Prime radiates so much of power, wisdom and poise! And Bumble Bee, like you said absolutely "cool dude"! :)

    And the Weapon Expert, so trigger happy!

    And the medic...."The boy's hormone levels suggest he wants to mate with the female". Absolutely hilarious! :D

    I also have the dvd collection of all the Transformer animated series!!!!

  11. @ Vaishali
    please do watch the movie sometime...

    on the contrary I was not thinking much other than the movie :)

    @ Jas...
    You saw it on a large screen? wow !!!!

    no screen is big enough for that movie in my opinion ! :)

    bang on about the thoughts.. echo from me :)