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Flowers !

Sahil : I sent you flowers !

Purvi : What? Why?

Sahil : Oh, because I love you and because you told me you were not feeling too well and because you are alone there...

Purvi : How many times do I need to tell you that I don't want you to send me flowers? I think they bring bad luck to me

Sahil : I am sorry but you were not well for the last few days and I could not think of something else...

Purvi : Whatever !

Sahil : Anyway, but the hotel that you told me you were staying in, says that there is no one called Purvi checked in there...

Purvi : Oh, yea, I checked out ! forgot to tell you !


  1. hmmm this story can be interpreted in quite a lot of ways.. interesting.

  2. poor sahil, who knows so little about Purvi; And poor Purvi who turned down such a sweet and genuine gesture due to bad luck in her life.

    Too bad.

    Anyway good luck to Sahil and Purvi next time..for making right connections with right people..

  3. @ Swati..
    yea... I really like these...

    @ Iya
    whats your interpretation?

    @ Anjuli
    haan unki life mein bhi... Sahil wondered where was she staying and why did she lie to him about staying at that hotel... Purvi was angry why did he send flowers...

    confusion to hai hi :)

    @ Tanu
    sahi baat !


    Amen !

  4. Simply said - they are not meant for each other. The girl does not know how to live the present. The guy does not know the girl well enough to know what she likes and what she does not. The girl has a secret. She has stories she has not disclosed. The guy has put in too much trust in the relation. There is inconsistency everywhere.

    Th girl, by saying no to the flowers, is saying No to Sahil. Seems like Sahil does not get it. A relation where gaps in thinking are filled with the word whatever.. don't last long. Purvi is running from the present. she is not ready for what sahil has to offer. She says, she "thinks" they bring bad luck. Thinks is another dicey word. U dnt think these things u either believe in them or you dont.

    Hence the there are many ways one can interpret this

    Purvi does not want sahil
    Purvi is not ready for sahil
    Purvi is hiding something from sahil
    Purvi is running from some past

    Sahil loves Purvi
    Sahil doubts Purvi
    Sahil cares for Purvi and does not understand why the feeling is not reciprocated.
    Sahil does not understand Purvi

  5. Phew that was a long comment.. sorry to take so much space.

  6. @ Shivi

    Well I am glad, more than glad for that long comment !

    I wonder why Sahil did not understand for months what you people understood in one incident! What an idiot !

    Thanks for your side of the story on the story :)

  7. i just feel there is more to that anger that this story has..she cant just get angry on flowers tht her swetheart sent with good thoughts... that could hv been said in a polite way when you have already recieved flowers means bad luck!! so really wanna hear from her as well...coz she really didnt say what she had in her mind...i feel

  8. @ Geet...
    the flowers never got delivered, because there was no one to take them !

    and who knows what was there on her mind :) We can only guess

  9. Wow, Iya. What an analysis!

    Sure thing, there seems to be some sort of miscommunication or lack of any at all between these two people. What is required is an open minded discussion between them to bring out all the issues, and most importantly whether they both are equally, unequally or not "into each other".

    Om: Bahut khoobsoorat phool hain. :)

  10. yea..sahil wont knw unless told..

  11. What triggered this thought, this story?

  12. Hmmmmm....!
    "Wo beetae din yaad hain, wo pal chinn yaad hain."

  13. It is possible that Sahil understood it but does not want to believe it. Love is blind you see :P

  14. hmmm.....

    sometimes people get so imprisoned in their past that they are unable to see or even appreciate the loving gestures of those in their now......how sad....for the one loving and the one not able to receive love......

    some times we begin to appreciate love, only when the joy goes completely from our lives...

    how sad would that be!!

  15. Phul from a fool
    to one who's not cool.

  16. Sahil didnt understand for months cuz he was blindly in luv with Purvi , n probably she probably took him for granted to understand the worth of those flowers..At last..poor flowers..

  17. @ Jas
    Phool to khoobsoorat hote hi hain :)

    that equally or unequally wala point bada wajib hai !!!

    @ Geet
    haan re

    @ Kanan
    hehehe... this has to be the best comment on this post :)

    @ Swati
    Kuarterly Kleaning :)

    @ Mon
    secrets batane ki nahin ho rahi hai yahan par... samajh aaya !

    @ Iya
    possible? I think it is a fact that he did not realise that he was just being played around with!

    Love bhi ajeeb cheez hai... lets you be in pain and still look forward to some things !

    @ Jyoti
    we kind of appreciate a lot of things when we have scarcity of it... we like summer when its winters, we like water when we are in a desert... I guess that is a normal feeling...

    but what is sad is getting the summer after winter, getting water in a desert and not recognizing it !

    @ Subbu

  18. @ Vaishali...
    sahi kaha... blind nahin hone ka kisi bhi relationship...

    but then where does the I will give everything part go?

    bada tricky subject hai :)

  19. Oh..that goes off after a while..kehne ki baat hoti hai!!
    some say, "you dont know the value of what you have until u loose it", but the fact is, "you always know what you have,you just never thought u would would loose it".

  20. umm..dont think i communicated correctly what i wanted to...was in a rush..and did not understand what u r saying either.but some other time perhaps.. :))

  21. Ji, samajh aa gaya. :) Sahi hai jo bhi hai. Aise nahi tou waise, bhoole bhatke purani yaadein taja ho jati hain. Nahi?
    Today, been missing you more than usual. God bless.

  22. all that it was, i liked it. the element of irony in our lives!

  23. Leikn is tasveer waale phool bahut bahut khoobsoorat lag rahe hain! :)

  24. @ Vaishali
    :) sahi bola

    @ Jyoti...
    thats ok... I just hope your comment was not influenced by the real events that happen in history and were limited to the thoughts that come from this post :)

    @ Mon
    :) purani yaadein aati rehni chahiye... keeps you aware of what can go wrong, but it still should not stop you from a taking another step :)

    kya hua tujhe?

    @ Wildflower

    @ Jas
    hai na? :)