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and then....

It was cold, and it had been raining all day... and all she could see was black... pitch black... no light nothing !!!

All she could hear was her own heart pounding, and she just could not think either... it was like she needed light to think... it was too dark for her thoughts to come into her mind as well...

and she could hear were some faint creaking sounds, and breathing of the people who were left with her in that darkest of darks...

and then...

the power came back on
the elevator reached the lobby
everyone smiled at each other
and they (hopefully) lived happily ever after !


  1. Manipulate the reader's emotions ! Thats the art of writing as per me. 100/100 for hitting the right spot on that - with this piece

  2. Hmmm....kaafi interesting hai.
    And I agree with Shivi. kya manipulate kiya emotions ko, wah!

    Waise, good hand writing ke extra marks dena par 110/100 ho jata hai...hehehe(...ok I now that I was a bad attempt to crack a joke)


  3. i begin with eyes wide open(in real), biting the nails(in fancy) and end up with a big sigh of relief and a big smile on my face...!!!

    good one...:))

  4. LOL.. that was a good one.. :)

  5. What!!! No murder? No romance? No kahani mein twist? He he... all smiles after reading this.

  6. Filmo mein try karo dost...
    direction , acting , script, chireo....sab apke pass he mil jayega

  7. Agree with Tunna..cool hai bhaee ye to!!
    Climax to kamaal ka hai..ek dum different!!

  8. Hi! again after a long hiatus i am back nd that was indeed a lot of fun u folks really had a crazy time i am jealous now ..newsy the truth is that i was really missing the chai shop all theses while. I am happy i am back again and posting the comments in ur post as i really enjoy reading ur post.

    God Bless You

  9. @ Iya...
    :) thank the you

    @ Jas

    @ Swati
    hehehe... handwriting achchi nahi thi?

    @ Anony

    @ Wishes Galore

    @ Anoop
    thanks bro

    @ Subbu
    bhai ho sakta hai the person is question killed someone in the bathroom after he saw her making out with her boyfriend there... and was taking the elevator to get out of the building before anyone knew about it :P

    what about that?

    @ Tunna
    ji jo aagya... :)

    @ Vaishali

    @ Princess...
    good to see you back here... stay around !

    @ Tushar
    kiske liye useless hai bhai?

  10. Yeh achha hai.... tu likh... kitaab chap jaye to mein do copy kharidoonga :)

  11. kya hai... mujhe laga u r going to narrate some horror story. and then the elevator thing. eeeeeeeee

  12. exactly, mera comment isliye hi inconsequential hai because majority wins

  13. @ subbu
    bhai ek kitaab ka idea to hai dimaag mein kahin par... kabhi online discuss karunga...

    @ Rahi
    :) hehehe... i am really sorry to disappoint you

    @ Burf
    Maine tujhe pehle bhi bola hai, abhi phir bolta hoon... I do not write for anyone... I write for myself... so when you said its useless, the comment was already inconsequential because the post was very useful to me :) it connected my thoughts and my actions and cleared some space in my mind which I can now use for something else :P

    and you mostly don't like what I write write so I take that opinion happily :P

  14. Liftman kahan tha? at times like these, they are always someplace else!

  15. Oh this lift was without the liftman... :)