Random images from my flickr stream...



Need of the hour...

is some more time !!!

and Mountains...

mostly Mountains actually... I can manage the time with a bit of tweaking... but no amount of tweaking can make the mountains appear as of now !!!

I need to get out of here... when is the next weekend please?


  1. mast photo hai mountain ka!
    chhutti le lo and go visit the Rocky mountains!

  2. Same pinch!!!

    Beautiful pics....

  3. uooooffff!!!!!!kya picture hai mountain ki........!!!!!!!!

  4. is the mountain pic from Leh ? I think I have seen this there....

  5. @ Kashmira

    Abhi to na chutti le sakta hoon aur na kahin ja sakta hoon... projects par kaam karne ka ye nuksaan hai thoda sa :)

    isliye apne purane photographs dekh kar hi kaam chala raha hoon filhaal to :)

    @ Swati
    tu abhi tak nahin gai? uff !!!

    @ FighterJet
    Tell me your name please...

    and the picture is from Ladakh... heaven on earth !!!

    @ Iya
    haanji... Leh nahin par some distance from Leh at a place called Diskit....

  6. awwwww... :((

    soonest i hope...you will be on the mountains....time tweaking to aap kar hi loge....

    weekend...to is right here !!...just ahead of wednesday..and round the turn from thursday..hang in there...like you always do and are therefore as dependable as a mountain i am sure for people at work !!...hope they appreciate that :))


  7. @ Joy...
    thanks a ton... Its about a month that I had traveled last, and the travel-bug in me is starting to bite me hard now... I need to get out of the city and just travel somewhere and come back...

    weekend to fatak se aa jayenga I am sure... there is too much work in the office for me to realize where the day goes :)

    I hope they appreciate too :)

  8. travel options to kafi hai aap ke paas :)))))

    where there is will there is a way :))...thats the way it works for me....

    kabhi try karna :P

  9. me too, bro - me too.. i need some open roads and a good ride... :| long overdue :(

  10. @ Joy...
    yea I have a few options...

    and where there is a will there is a way works for me too :) there is not other explanation to how I managed to get out of delhi every single month for over 24 months :)

    @ Anoop
    get out you too then :)

  11. achcha...let us see then !!


  12. Iam sure..youll make it some place!!get going!!i need a trip too..

  13. @ Joy
    you are making it sound like a challenge :)

    I am hoping something will work out for this weekend atleast ! lets see... the weather is expected to be a good!

    @ Vaishali
    yea.. I better :)

    all the best for your trip as well :)

  14. was not meant as a challenge. it must be my poor communication skills :)..me not a competitive person at all....

    i was just wondering when you would exert will...for what option....

    have fun wherever you go...what ever you decide to do :)

  15. Yahan pe mountains to hain paas mein lekin time nahin! :D

    As always, both pitures are beautiful! :)

  16. @ Joy...
    hehehe... aisa nahin hai... mujhe laga to maine bol diya...

    why were you wondering about when I exert will?

    @ Jas...
    this is so unfair to the mountains....

    aisa atyachaar ! :)

    thank you hai ji :)

  17. Na-insaafi to hai, lekin kya karein... :(

  18. unke paas jao,
    do chaar baatein karke aao
    chai piyo pakode khao
    kuch zyada ban jaye to milwaukee bhijwao :P

  19. Lol! Thoda mausam accha ho jaye to zaroor jayenge do chaar baatein karne, chai aur pakoron ke saath! :D
    Chai-pakore ke liye yahan hamare Alberta aayiye, aur Rocky Mountains se bhi mil lein! :)

  20. arre tere canedda ke liye visa chahiye... mujhe pata nahin kaise milega !