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For the Women I know and I don't

I was in a meeting today... and most of my audience was Director level decision making stakeholders and I am glad to say that most of these were Women... Just the right reminder to Women's day .. I am intentionally keeping myself away from the word "International" because I have doubts that it is truly an international thought !

But here on Chai Ki Dukan, which has seen three continents (Bit of international eh!) in the last few years I had to write my dedication to Women... I associate Women with a few words.. here are some of them that I like to remember ...















And my limited vocabulary and lack of time is making me stop here, however I did make a set on Flickr to put together all the photographs above and more. Please do see a slide show here, when you have sometime.

Hope for a better tomorrow, for the WOMEN of the world !

Amen !

And a big thank you to every woman who has been a part of my life, big or small and I know this for sure that I have learnt from everyone of them!

I wanted to write names here first, but chose not to - Jealous is a word that comes to my mind in addition to the ones above ;)


  1. I smiled from ear to ear reading this and looking at the slide show.. Thanks ! On behalf of all the women out there. Too bad aapka Men's day nahi hota.. no way to return the favor you see :D

  2. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures...

    Again I'll say... you are a thinker! Great post!

    Yeah, jealous can be one of the traits as well! :D

  3. lovely images....very..but then you know that already...

    hmmm...women are all this and a lot more.... more than a day is needed to celebrate a woman....a life time is more like it...but well...this is a great start :)

    and well you are lucky if you have women in your life who think you worth being jealous about :)

  4. What a lovely post!

  5. @ Shivi
    chalo badiya hai... post ka maksad poora ho gaya :)

    arre women, men ke bina complete nahin hoti na :P so when you are celebrating women's day you are by default celebrating (wo)men's day :)

    @ Jas
    thank you hai ji...

    thinker.. hmm.... khali dimaag shaitan ka ghar :)

    Jealous wale traits par bhi ek post likhunga ! bye God wale incidents hain ek do to!

    @ Joy
    thank the you hai :)

    haan ji theek baat hai... maine bhi isi intention se likha hai...

    Lucky? hmm... I will let you say that... details kabhi aur sahi kahin aur sahi !

    @ Aditi

  6. I can't stop smiling, Omzi.

    You are a deep thinker, a very good photographer and a creative writer. But above all, you are great human being with a beautiful mind and soul.
    God bless you, my buddy!

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  8. A big thank you :)

    And I second Shivi...err Iya ;). Men's day bhi hona chahiye, so that we women can return the favor :P

  9. :)
    one more word for woman - Giver

  10. Your understanding of woman is pretty commendable, and thats probably why you have so many woman fans.This is a nice dedication to woman in your life

  11. Nice post!!
    great adjectives to go with the pics..you are a lady's man!!

  12. i loved the overall respresentation ,her qualities+the pics...
    am proud to be one!!!

  13. You just managed to collect a lot of women votes in your favour through this post!! :)
    I especially love the way you've entwined the pictures and the adjectives!!

  14. lovely post, fab pictures as ever. Love the one's you'e used for beautiful, Stylish and Calm...
    Happy women's day to you and all your blog readers too!

  15. sultry bhul gaya tu? ;)

  16. @ Swati
    thanks :)

    God bless you too:)

    @ Shruti
    just one? I can think of many now, but could not recall them yesterday :)

    @ Anony
    thanks... I have been lucky to have amazing women in my life

    @ Vaishali
    thanks :)

    @ Geet
    :) thanks...

    You have all the reasons to be proud :)

    @ Sam
    :) Great so when I run for a post in the elections, I will get some genuine votes :)

    thanks :)

    @ Chandan
    thanks di...

    I like these pictures too :)

    Happy Women's day to you too!

  17. Loved the pictures especially the one's for thinker and independent. Reminded me of what I am capable of as a woman. Thank you for helping me rediscover the joy of being one.

  18. Great Post Hai sirjee!

    Glass ceiling is finally beginning to break for women and i am glad people like you are happy and encouraging.!

    Have seen many Educated and highly placed males be jealous of equally competent women around.

    A futurologist have gone on record saying that the times will change. Women would go out one day to earn living and men would raise kids. I have seen some parts of it in today's Modern Indian society, you must have seen more of it there.??

  19. @ Tushar...
    bhai haan.. bhool gaya... :/

    @ Kanchan
    great !!!! enjoy :)

    @ Ankit
    thanks ! Finally breaking? I have seen women in very important and strategic positions for about 8 years now (but that's a small time I guess looking at how way back in history we go)

    however, I am sure there is a long way to go... Jealous... well a lot of them would be if they are being overtaken by better professionals.. I feel scoping that feeling out because of the sex of the individual is not really fair...

    I am not really sure about what that futurologist said though ! The way men are wired, they don't make the best home makers if they sit at home and raise kids ! We don't handle that thought too well of being alone! What I have seen here?... Well.. I see more of partnership here in terms of relationships and less of I am better/stronger than you kinds which unfortunately still exists in a lot of Indian males... But then the reason for it is the fact that Women here are much more independent, which India is moving towards !

    I just hope we don't lose track of what is right as a human being somewhere though, in the name of being modern (though that goes for both men and women)

  20. kitni ladiyaan hain tumharee life mein???? just count it dont mention it here...

  21. Well, I'm glad you stopped adding more names :)

    Thanks for putting up the positive side of us. We love you.

  22. @ Tootsy...
    I think your comment is focussing on just one aspect of the women that I have in my life... but I still counted... the number is a good one

    @ Kanan
    :) so sweet of you to write this !

    God bless !

  23. the pictures are wow-breathtaking!

  24. this was a truely beautiful post