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Prediction !

It was very cold, cloudy and very very windy when I walked to the office in the morning today... the only life saver being the amazing light at the horizon...

and I started my day rather dull than with a sunshiny mood...

Wanted to complain and crib about the winter still being here and no spring or summer to be seen anywhere...

but decided to tweak the thoughts a bit and instead of complaining, looked at some pictures of the years that have gone by and what spring/summer brings !

so right now I am not complaining, not cribbing, but waiting for the spring to arrive !!! I have a whole lot to look forward to...

So here is a glimpse of what is going to happen... I promise it will... believe me or wait and watch :)

This is from the Pestigo River in Wisconsin. US.. Went camping and rafting last year with Pritam, Lakhan, Suman and a few more guys! Gotta go there again this year

Wild Flowers clicked on my way to Tungnath, Uttaranchal, India, with Aseem, Tushar, Subbu, Anil, Manish amongst many others... Still remember that trek... gotta do that again too sometime !

A kid enjoying water in the Brahm Sarovar, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India... Went with my family and Aro (who is practically family)... Want to go to Jyotisar (birthplace of Gita) again sometime...

A flower clicked on a tour of Scotland with Abhishek... This was a one day tour and practically took us around half the country :)

If the last few years were so beautiful, there is no way this one is going to be any less ! waiting !!!

and talking of Spring... do go through this link for some absolutely delightful photographs.


  1. Infact it will be better Bruv.

  2. Amen to that! The link is awesome .. BG always has some awesome galleries;..there was one on Obama.. loved it too

  3. :)

    Lovely pics.

    Checked the link. The pics are lovely.

  4. great link :))

    wishing you all this and loads more with heaps of happiness and fun....from your predictions it seems you plan to be spending lots of time in/around water :))...and flowers...cant go too wrong with that ...enjoy :))

  5. missed you today while going to g block wala mandir for the same reasons

  6. Amen!!Hope spring is around soon..n u get going!!
    and yea the link was great!!

  7. waiting is always more enjoying than when it actually arrives.Have fun..waiting!

  8. @ Abhi
    you are so damn right? how did you know that? :)

    kahan hai bhai? wapas aa gaya kya london?

    @ Shivi
    :) you bet.. they have some amazing photographs.. Also I think its the size of the picture that makes it look more beautiful than a small size..

    @ Swati
    thank the you hai ji

    @ Joy
    yea... isn't it....

    and thank you for your lovely wishes... I am going to spend a lot of time around water... my apartment is some 5 minutes away from the Lake Michigan :P

    Flowers yea... might have to go find them around though

    @ Burf
    bhai I must have been thinking about you at that time.. tabhi you missed me... telepathy I tell you

    @ Vaishali
    thanks !!!

    @ FighterJet
    well mostly :P except when you are waiting for a person...

    thanks :)

  9. Your pictures never fail to amaze me!

  10. @ Sam
    I am happy to read this...

    thank you ! :)