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Enjoy your no frills experience !!!

I call that rude, maybe some people would call it a to the point, matter of fact experience when it comes to flying domestic in this country!!!

In both the flights AA and US Airways, I think the attitude of the staff was very indifferent... and honestly I am starting to love even the low cost airlines in India only for the sheer fact that they talk to you properly... One lady in my last flight from MSP to Phoenix was sweet, but the rest of them... well let me not comment about them at all...

Found it very strange that you have to buy a headset in case you want to listen to music ( actually I did not realise that I could use my own headset too) and that you have to buy food on the flight... even though I am paying some $270 bucks one way on that 3.5 hours flight... on second thoughts I should not be complaining as I had seen in the news a few days back that because of the high oil prices most of the flights are running in losses... they are not making a single dollar earning, on the contrary have a loss of anything between $500 - $1000 per flight... But I am a customer; I should get what I am paying for!!! In double minds about this complaint right now!!!

Also it might be just me who is feeling this, but I usually get a second look because I am an Asian... there are not many that I have seen in places I have been to in the last two weeks of my stay in the US... honestly, I am still to start liking this country except for the fact that my camera equipment is cheaper here...

So this weekend I am in Phoenix... the oven city ( that’s what I am calling it) the temperature is around 105 degs Fahrenheit which is only 40deg Celsius, but because its dry, it feels as if my body is sitting in a Tandoor... already having a bad headache today and I have another two days left here, and all this when I have survived the 45degs in Delhi... i am going to avoid this sudden change of temperature from my room to outside and then back into office tomorrow.. How!! Not yet sure of yet!!!

Ok enough of cribs... here are few good moments from my flight!!! I am going to try and enjoy the rest of my weekend, hope you do too!!!


  1. hmm..so somone is finding tough in there...but iam sure ,you will come outta it..
    anyways the pics , as always , are FANTABULOUS..specially the "Horizon" one..
    Good Job again..

  2. India the bestest, Come back :)

  3. @ Vaishali...

    thats actually just an initial opinion, however a lot of people feel what i felt....

    I cannot label it as "finding tough" its just a change of culture and how people are...

    thanks about the pictures..

    # Anony...
    without a doubt !!!!

  4. nice snaps...there are lot of Asians in this country ....

    ppl here just talk to the point..

    else keep to yourself ...:)

    I guess it just culture difference and nothing else..

  5. :)
    third pic is great...
    as for the attitude towards Asians can't really comment on that one..
    cheers anyway!

  6. # Tanu....
    I am going to have ample time to find that out :)

    lets see..

    # Reeta..

    no worries :)

  7. Oh I wouldn't say Indians are nicer than Americans. I have always found the americans more helpful (for example, on an airport, if I have a big bag coming on the conveyor, I know someone will help me get it here, in India, I know the folks around me will watch at me struggle and laugh)

    And about the airlines...well, atleast the planes do take off. I was in India last year for my wedding, all the guests had trouble with flights...two of flights being delayed because the plane wouldn't start!

    So there are pros and cons :) And I like both countries equally well!

  8. # Kashmira...

    How rude of the Indians you have met :( But I have always seen someone helping someone out in India on the airport, in the train, on the bus stand... differerent experiences I guess...

    Lets not get into a debate here, because I guess both of us would have an experience to validate our thought...

    I am just 2 weeks old here, and I am just stating what I have observed... I am yet to make an opinion which is not open to change !!!

  9. hahah, Arent we glad that some airlines here actually provide free food.. :)

  10. Not free at all... its included in the cost... but i guess because the airlines industry in India is relatively new, we are still focusing on making customers happy :)

  11. the airline industry here is so so so so rude ever ! its like they are being meherbaan on you ... for doing their own service... now I've started to respect Air India's Moti rude aunties/airhostess.... atleast they will smile... and not fake it !

    oh well... nice snaps

  12. They are too to the point i guess... not sure if I like that part a lot so far...