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The Body knows

- When to wake up

- when to feel sleepy

- when to be hungry

- when to feel thirsty

all you need to do is listen to it

Woke up to the lovely sound of rain, Friday morning, about 10 minutes before the alarm rings...

It usually happens with me... I usually wake up on my own around the time my alarm is to go off, while it makes me happy it for a reason, I also feel bad about not getting an opportunity to snooze the alarm !!!

Ma says that if you need to wake up at a specific time, tell the pillow to wake you up... It works for me !!!

what works for you?


  1. Totally agreed with your mom..it works for me too...

  2. My pillow invites me for a few extra minutes of sleep after snoozing. :P

  3. # Vaishali...
    yea... all the time... Mom's are always right !!!

    # Anony...
    Awesome... my pillow back home too !!! there is a connection there...

    here i rely on the mind only

  4. pillow wins over the alarm clock always..

  5. I just remind myself before sleeping to wake up at a certain time, and I wake up just before that time.

    Exception: I am at 10,000ft + altitude, then I wake up at random times in the middle of the night.

  6. # Tanu....
    yea it does :)

    # Subbu....
    main bhi yehi karta hoon :)

    Pangong Tso ! :)

  7. Any noise in the night "wakes" me up, but NOTHING makes me want to get up...except maybe some interesting critter I might see out the french doors in my bedroom.

    check this post...my "wake-up saga"!

  8. agree with you there.. during exams and high deadlines.. I would tell myself while going to sleep that I have to wake up at a particular time.. and viola my eye opens at that same time..

  9. # Kashmira...

    :) :)

    i read that post... mast hai !!!

    # Pallavi...
    yea... the body knows it better :)

  10. mera pillow bhi mere jaisa hai.. wo bhool jaata hai aur fir hum dono hassi khushi sote rehte hain :D