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Let the Muzik Play !

I think the FM channels in this city of Minneapolis are fantastic.... whatever I have heard so far at various hours of the day has been amazing.... I need to get a FM Receiver...

Amazing music !!! Love it !!!

And I bought myself a 1:87 replica of the 1958 Porsche Speedster, the car from Top Gun, one of the BEST movies EVER made !!! And not many songs come close to The Top Gun Theme !!! The music that melts my heart just right !

And what on earth is an Organic Bra !!! I have heard of Organic Tomatoes, Organic Potatoes, Organic Juice, Organic Tea, but this is taking the organic fever too far !!!


  1. US is crazy about that word!!!

  2. ha ha LOL ROFL.........HE HE......I cud not stop laughing ..after reading this post...I think today is my day..

    it started with Kashmira's post !!

    both of you made my day today

  3. :))
    njoy the muzik...

    and do tell us what it means :)))

  4. hahahah ... have you been to that center call Whole Foods or something.. the organic items are mind boggling.. the prices are ridiculous..

    Yeah I like to listen to the FM radio there too.. I like the alarm radio thingy which wakes me up with my favorite music.. in the morning..

    PS: Ok heard about organic bra the first time.. though I have heard arguments about cotton and leather between Amreekan friends...heated ones..

    And here I was smirking thinking, we are naturally organic in India. BUhahaha !!

  5. organic bra? now next what? organic contraceptives? hm.. seems like world is gng crazy with organic stuff...

    wow - 1958 Porsche Speedster scale model. TG is one of my fav films... and the TG anthem - man, nothing to say about it which haven't said yet :)

  6. agli baar apun dono 1:1 wali lenge ;)

  7. yaar tum log really kuch nahi jante...organic underwear, condoms sab available hai ...aur kai mahino se...bhaut hi purana sa concept hai...infact yeh koi magzine ka cover bhi tha in India with some indian babe modeling for it...ask shubu to find it.....

  8. Yaar Aro... yeh tum log mujhe har baat pe kyun ghasitte ho? Aab mein organic bra ke baare mein kya bolun... chalo aaj mood mein hoon.. . kuchh gyan baant hi deta hoon. Read at your own risk:

    The use of organic materials as innerwear has been there since time immemorial. Think of Shivji in his comfortable 100% organic 'dress', smoking pot and taking his pet Nandi (organic vehicle!!!) for a spin. Even Duryadhon was so comfortable in his organic undies, that he refused to come out of it even when instructed, and that ultimately caused his death!

    In modern times, organic innerwear concept was really popular in India at the time Gandhiji gave up all western cloth (including Hanes and Jockey) and started promoting Khadi. Unfortunately, now, the fashion seems to be to wear artificial material innerwear over artificial bodies and show off part (in cases, almost the whole) of the innerwear.

    The good news is there is a underground movement to try to popularise the showing off of the "naara" (drawstring in english, but it looses the sexiness of the sound of naara) of organic linen / cotton chaddis over trousers. They are looking for a suitable model like Shefali Zariwaala.

  9. # Anony...
    the so called high society is crazy about this word now i guess.. not only the US...

    # Tanu...
    :) glad i did..

    # Chakoli...
    I think subbu has mentioned it somewhere below..

    :) happy learning..

    # Burf...
    kya bol raha hai bhai?

    # Pallavi...
    nope.. not yet.. and now I am not really planning to go either :P

    Naturally organic :) yes..

    @ Anoop...
    no idea bro... Subbu, my friend has some insight into this i guess :P

    thats such a small car, but looks adorable..

    # burf..
    bhai hum kyon lenge :D

    # Aro...
    oh teri !!! achcha !!!

    # Subbu...
    tu great hai bhai.. tu great hai !!!

    but that still does not answer the question.. what the hell is an organic BRA?

    I have not yet seen a organic "prepare to be assaulted" kind of a briefs ad !!!

  10. Haha!
    pata kawrwaata hoon logon se!

  11. organic bra....can be made by...do bade(size...as per requirements) fullgobi ke patte connected with thin strips of any vegetable

  12. Organic Bra = Bra made of organic material! Organic material bole to natural material grown without pesticides or chemicals! To, Aro ka idea implement ho sakta hai agar woh fulgobi organic ho.

  13. # Kshitiz...
    please do :)

    # Aro...
    i think lettuce leaves are much better...

    I love being a Vegetarian :D

    # Subbu...
    Eggjacktly !!!

    main personally replace kar dunga agar nahin hui to :) depends on who is wearing it :D