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ये कहाँ आ गए हम, यूँ ही साथ साथ चलते

चाय की दुकान crossed a landmark yesterday night...

50000 foot falls... no lets write it again..

Fifty Thousand

पचास हज़ार !!!

and I am thankful to everyone who has been here once, twice, or many times !!!

I have always maintained that I write for myself, to clean my system, to make myself happy, to vent out, to share a laugh, to avoid dropping a tear, to be honest to myself...

That still stays the primary reason for this blog's existence, however I would be lying to myself and to everyone who visits, if I do not agree to these visits being a key motivator for this long journey...

मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब -ऐ -मंजिल ,
लोग साथ आते गए और कारवां बढ़ता गया

Thank you शुक्रिया धन्यवाद благодаря 谢谢您
hvala ti tak bedankt kiitos merci Danke σε ευχαριστώ grazie
ありがとうございました 감사합니다 takk dziękuję obrigado mulţumesc
благодарю Вас gracias tack

For the records...

The blog used to be called

Life as a (W)hole when it started... reason being that I was talking about life, and everything about it... and the hole signified that everything was going into this blog hole...

It became चाय की दुकान... Sometime in August last year... almost one year ! Read more HERE...

For the love of numbers: Today the main page gets about 100+ hits everyday with an average visit length of about 3.5 minutes...
60% of visitors are from Asia, 30% hits from the US, about 5% from Europe...

74% of visitors use Windows XP, 17% use Vista, 2% Linux and 1% Mac OS (I wish Mac Users were more... seriously)

35% users see Chai Ki Dukaan on IE7, 34% still use IE6, and 29% are Firefox users...


Thank you Again everyone... hope to see you around !!!

P.s. (thanks to Mayuri for the idea)...

This weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 1-3rd August'08), all your Canteen ki चाय, Roadside ढाबे की चाय, Parle G Biscuits, Tiger Biscuits, समोसे, Bread पकोडे are on me !!!

Enjoy yourself and share the bill with me, I promise to reimburse !!!

पर ऐसा मत करना के,

खाया पिया कुछ नहीं
गिलास तोड़ा बाराह आना


  1. nice...congrats......

    and keep writing..
    and off course enjoy the ride....

    best wishes - tanu

  2. baapre baap! itne saare tourists aate hain yahaan! Pachaas hazaar!!!

  3. Thanks to the blog owner. What a blog! nice idea.

  4. BIG Congratulations dost!
    Keep writing and inspiring a lot others too!

  5. chai ki dukan ki life as a (w)hole
    ko many many congrats hai :)

    chale chalo :)

    pssst: i just happen to be 50,001th visitor here, any treat for that?? :D

  6. arreyyy... i just noticed that i was infact 50,076th visitor... kya baat hai, mere post padne aur comment daalne ke beech 75 hits ho gaye...

    and thanks for offering chai/ biscuit etc on the house , will make sure that i do hv a big share of samosa, pakoda, biscuits and even chai over the weekend :D

    u rock!!!!

  7. Mubarak...love this chai ki dukan...
    keep sipping and scribbling!
    Cheers to the cuppa!

  8. congrats!!!..love visiting n reading up!! so keep writing n njoy!

  9. Lovely and congrats , long live chai ki dukhaan:)

  10. # Tanu...
    thanks buddy :)

    # Kashmira...
    you blog probably gets more hits... not sure if you are tracking it or not..

    and this is a place which is full of non tourists most of the time :)

    # Philippine Lottery...

    # Kshitiz...


    # Mayuri...
    thank you hai...

    you read it wrong :) someone else was the 50001st visitor re :)

    and the chai samosa biscut are on the house.. please feel free to send me the bill :)

    # Reeta...
    thank you very much :)

    # Gunjan...
    thanks... :)

    # Anony...
    thanks... love live chai :)

  11. sahi hai.......ek apni sec 37 ki chai ki dukan aur ek yeh chai ki dukan....dono hit hai :)

  12. yaar tumhari chai ki dukan badi jhoro se chal rahi hai...!

    Kiya baat hai !

    Badhaai ho Badhaai :)

  13. wow.. this calls for a celebration.. ek cutting chai and two tiger biscuits for all from me.
    keep going, bro :-D

  14. Gaye din ki tanha tha main anjuman mein
    Aaj yahaan mere razdaan aur bhi hain...

    congrats re!

  15. Hey Congratulations..
    Good going..
    that calls for a PARTY!!!

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  17. SUPER !!!! and Congrats.
    This is the cutest thing i have heard someone say in a looonng time.
    Achcha laga on the house chai & buscuit.
    will send the bill. But reimburse mutt karna.Sab janta ka total payable Sankalp mein de dena. :)
    Chai aur meethi ho jayegi :)

  18. congrats....

    the stats just tell u how admired u are...

    keep clickin, keep writing..

  19. Whoa..!!!
    Quite a milestone.. and well deserved...! ये दुकाना है ही ज़बरदस्त...!
    May this place see many many more thousands... Here's raising a toast with a cuppa... :)

  20. Yea yea... congratulations.

    I am in that 60%, 74%, 29% :)

  21. # Deepu...

    thanks bro... :)

    # Neeku...
    sab aap jaise visitors ki meherbaani hai :)

    thank you :)

    # Anoop...
    hehehe... thanks bro..

    wah !!

    thanks buddy :)

    # Vaishali...
    thank you... it sure does :)

    # Reema...
    Thanks :)
    cute nai re :) chai ki dukaan par to chai free honi hi chahiye once in a while :)

    I miss Sankalp... need to get back soon...thanks for the lovely suggestion though :)

    # D Sinner...
    thanks... i am glad... really glad...

    # Vinod...
    and thanks for the wishes... :)

    # Subbu...
    like the indifference in the comment :D thank you bro :D

  22. sir jee... Mubarkaan....

    Awesome work done... keep it up...

    Chai ki dukaan is not only yours now... we, the visitors, have a scintilla in it as well.

    toh chai ki dukaan ke expansions ke any plans...

    something like chai ki dukaan bonanza offer....lolz

    all the best

  23. itne log nahi aate mere blog pe, its only a 5 month old baby. I have 3050 hits :) 50,000 is a loooooong way away!

    I ate LOTS of Parle-Gs yesterday in your honor :)

  24. Oye indifference nehi tha!!!

    Yea yea bole to... amrikan style mein, jaise ki "yea baby, way to go..."

    Tere Blog, Radha aur Bhabi ke baare mein indifference... kabhi nehi!

  25. Omzie - Wow - congrats!!! :-)

  26. mubarak ho bhai... padhkar khushi hui... mere comments thode kam hian lekin i am amongst the regular visitors :)

  27. Badhiyan je badhiyan ... :))

    partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :))

  28. # Ankit....

    thanks... you sure are an important part bro :)

    expansion umm... sochunga... kuch thoughts to hain dimaag mein :)


    # Veens...
    thanks... :)

    # Kashmira...
    sab ho jayega :) all the best hai ji... it took me close to 4 years :) long time eh !

    and thanks for the Parle Gs :)

    # Subbu...
    oh... amreeka mein main hoon aur tu accent mar raha tha..

    bhai sorry hai, samajh nahin paya :-/

    :) thanks for the last line :D

    # Mon...

    # Aseem...
    thanks bro...
    i am sure you are :)

    # Fighter Jet...

    # Chakoli...
    ji zaroor....