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मेरी चाय की दुकान

I have been thinking about it for a while now… and I think I need another title for my blog… "Life As a (w)Hole" has been there for sometime now, infact a lot of time now… while I still am fine with looking at these words, I do not remember the last time I read the title of my blog…

So I think, its time for a change… did not really think about many titles… thankfully the one that came to my mind first is the one that I want to be with…


Life As A (w)hole… would now be called…

Chai ki Dukaan !!!

Blame it on the London weather or the rains that was all that I saw in the last 10 days of my stay there… because a Chai ki Dukaan was something that I was really missing there in the firangland…

However, the afterthoughts also helped me stick to the thought… because I have always like the roadside tea-stalls… they have been the most adorable, and faithful partners in all my trips in all the years that I have been traveling… go anywhere in India, and you will always be welcome in a tea-stall with a nice boiled tea and a few biscuits… a feeling that no other country in the WORLD can provide you with…

And I think that these tea stalls are where the real conversations take place… the words between the sips of boiling tea, and the sips between the conversations… I love them all…

So the ladies and the gentlemans… please welcomes the

Chai ki Dukaan… this is where my conversations with the world happen !!!

And this post would be incomplete if I do not mention Bindiya, who was very prompt in agreeing to the thought of changing the blog title, when I mentioned that to her!!! Thanks darling!!! It helped…

Might work on the template as well soon... ideas welcome !!!


  1. Arre wah! Nice! Perfet perfect title for ur blog... btw on my foodblog i wrote something smiliar lines... u can read it here:


    Template change has to be done to suit the name of the blog...And yes a li'l bit of writing on food and chai would do good too!

  2. # Reeta...

    thanks much :)

    I am reading the foodblog...

    template change yes... need to work on it too :)

  3. teri chai ki dukaan khoob chalne wali hai :)

  4. # Dolly...
    thank you ji :) aap bhi welcome hain hamesha :)

    # Reeta...
    :) thanks :) you too... and thats old news :P

  5. congrats to the brand new 'chai ki dukaan'
    may the place always be filled with people, their convsersatios,
    the smell of fresh chai and biscuits
    may ur chai-ki-dukaan always bustle with life!

    whats' missing? mmm... some music, i guess?
    so let me present u a CD of chai- especial songs: like
    # ek garam chai ki pyaali ho; koi usko pilaane wali ho
    # ek cutting chai.. garama-garam
    # tea and symphony
    and such tea-party numbers :)

    as for the ideas... work on some bright colors this time.. and dont forget to put a chai-ka-glass as ur blog-logo...

    cheers! :)
    * raises the chai ka glass *

  6. now that u have changed it when are treating me with chai at tea shop :D

    long time we havent been there........

  7. # Mayuri...

    this is not a new place :) correct yourself.. its an old chai ki dukaan...

    par the mehek of the chai and the biskits is fresh...

    music hai na... Akil bhartiya Radio ka Vividh bharti Station...

    bright colors.. hmm.. cannot have a bright color in the backgroud.. neutral colors always make more sense... will see what needs to be done... thanks re :)

    cheers to the chai ka glass..

    # deepak.. .

    saturday afternoon... game?

  8. agar office aaya to done dana done :)

  9. This reminds me of the 'T' shop.... needless to say the title suits your blog... with the kinda vivid topics you explore here....

  10. Interesting!!! Very catchy!!! Liked it!! :-)

  11. # deepak...
    yo... done !!!

    # aqui...
    thanks :)

    # Amandeep...
    :) thank you :)

  12. I am sure your chai ki dukaan will offer variety from Assam, Formosa, Ceylon and my personal fav Darjeeling.

  13. yes sir it would !!!

    and you gotta contribute in adding the flavor :)

  14. Lovely ...:) chai ki dukan
    anythin can happen over a cup of coffee/tea :)