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The Common Link...

Scene 1 : One of the finest Indian restaurants in London, Mela, Shaftbury's Avenue.... amazing food and mango lassi...

Scene 2: The Jubilee Line Tube and the person, a firangi, next to me sitting listening to some music...

If were wondering why the above two are mentioned together is because there was something common in the two scenes..

No points for guessing, if you are a close friend of mine, that it was my "favorite" Himesh Reshamiya... with aapka suroor in scene one and jhalak dikhlaja in scene 2...

This guy would not leave me like this... aargh !!!


  1. Earlier singers were known as 'vocalists'. Thanks to Himesh, they are called 'nasalists'!

  2. ye pata nai kya kya karega sala !!!

  3. Unbelievable...!!
    himesh bhai internationally bhi rang jamaa rahe hain!! 8)


  4. you bet... that bugger is all around !!!

  5. arre wah! Tell me hv u been to Masti yet? If not I've heard from an extremely reliable source that one must visit masti for good Indian food! And also temme if you know of any Sino-Indian (the kind of chinese food you get in India) joint in central london?

  6. # Reeta...
    I did not go to Masti... no idea where it is either.. the two Indian restaurants i went to were Chawki (Piccadilly Circus) and Mela (about 10 minutes walking from Piccadilly, cannot remember the exact name of the place)

    Sino-Indian Joint? na :(

    and i am back... only to find these places in the next visit, if that happens...