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The So Called Bad Did Me Good !!!

Unlike a lot of studious kids around, I never could study late nights... My logic was, I am sharp enough to do what others do in double the time... why study more? And that’s why I used to choose what I want to study wisely... here is how

Pick up the syllabus and start dividing into sections

- Most Marks
- Difficulty Levels
- Current Understanding

I would first finish the ones with high level of current understanding, less difficulty level and more marks, gradually moving towards the ones which were least in value, highest in difficulty and I had no clue about...

At the end of my preparation, I would have left some 10-20 percent of my syllabus and I would have no clue about it either :) Peers would talk about a few topics and I would always give them a blank look: P

Once I get the test paper, I would quickly browse through the things once again in the manner I mentioned above and just ignore a few questions...

Relaxed preparations/ relaxed examinations... a decent 80+ percentage consistently... life was good!!!

And then came the final year of college... My only option for survival in this big bad world was to get through MCA or a similar different masters :) I had not attended even 20% of my classes in graduation, thanks to my attention to Theater and Drama and Stage during that time... but this was scary now... If I would not crack a competitive exam, my father would throw me out of the house...

Started coaching for MCA near my college, and by and large I used to sleep in the class... What else do you expect from someone who studies, err, is there in the college the entire day!!!

Anyway... so studies were a must now... and the course was too large... and I was not a night person... So what to do... and hen a miracle happened...

My cable guy started showing a channel called TB6 during those days, and I one day accidentally realised that there is a soft porn program "some diaries something" at 0330 hrs every night...

So here was the deal now... I would study from 2200 hrs to 0330 hrs every night, and then carefully switch on the television, and watch the 30 minute program on mute... We used to live in a 2 room flat then, and switching on the old TV, reducing the volume (we had a non remote TV ) were all works of ART!!! There were nights when I used to study like crazy till 0330 hrs, switch on the TV and see some irritating non- understandable Russian drama too, only to hope for my awaited program to start, and finally go off to sleep around 0400 hrs...

Whatever said and done, that half an hour of uncertain television ensured that I get top ranks in 9 out of 11 examinations I gave!!! It was amazing.... missed the first two, but after that every result brought only a smile to my face and a potential future to my life!!!

Thank you TB6 :)


  1. Its funny how the most unwarranted of things motivate you.. ;)

  2. ha ha ha... that was one good thing TB6 did... i to remember getting TB6 on our dish :) the story how i got into MCA is a long one, will blog abt it one day... :)

  3. :) I think I should start writing too! Everytime I read ur blog.. u inspire me!
    I remember TB6 too :D

  4. Om..thoda thoda sacchai bahar a raha hai :D

  5. Man I was a night owl.. regular.. could never get up in the mornings..
    and I so remember those old TV days..

    when it first came, I remember watching Krishi Darshan.. LOL.. look where we are..now

  6. # Sam...
    aisa bhi hota hai :)

    # Anoop...
    it sure did :)

    do write... lets read that too bro....

    # Kshitiz...
    stop thinking... write... i am waiting :)

    so you remember it too :) hope it did something nice for you too :)

    # Anony...
    sach ko to bahar aana hi padta hai...

    # Pallavi....
    :) the good ol' one channel days :)

    Krishi Darshan mein to dadaji they who used to come in Buniyad too...

  7. TB6 good old days... i still remember guys talking abt the alarms going on in the entire building at that time of the nite... hehe msut have been funny

    can i ask how was it.... compare to wat the kids see today... and watever said and done all that ends well.... :)

  8. that was aprogram from playboy, something like secret diaries, nice interesting program,,mujhe bhi yaad hai,..and ye porn was much more fun then,,he he he

  9. # Aqui...

    it was great... not dirty for sure... passionate romance i guess for the lack of better words....

    haanji.. ant sahi to sab sahi :)

    # Ankur...
    haan secret diaries or something :)

  10. I have a similar story, but never got so better way of telling it.

    Thanks TVI ;-)

  11. LOL...


    This is done by many bachelors...I suppose... 2 of my frds also narrated soem what very similar incidents... not on the same channel...but there cable wallah... was doing it fr them:-))

  12. :) so finally we know the secret behind the good grades hunh?! surely brought a smile to my face..a sure 'jugaad' for studying late nights!

  13. # Gaurav...

    yes thanks TVI too :)

    # Chakoli...

    my cable wala in noida does not show any good movies, late nights i mean ;)

    the channel was good enough though:)

    # Bhoomi...
    yea... now you know :)

  14. he..he..what motivation ! and what a way to excel at exams..! :)

  15. LOL....

    Now it is not much needed fr u I guess:-))

  16. TB6!!!!
    How can I forgot that :)
    In my hostel,people used to put alarm for 3am!!! so they dont miss it in case they doze off!)

    ..but some dumb fat termagant cultural minister..banned it and that was the end of it..sad burial :(

  17. # Chakoli...
    not any more :)

    # FighterJet...
    the minister never got up at 3 to see it may be :D

  18. hehe, TV dekhne ke bhi side-effects hote hain :)

  19. # Kashmira...
    good wale ji good wale side effects :)