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for the lack of Ctrl Z...

There are times when one sentence we have said or how we acted in one moment can change the course of our lives !!!!

We usually don't realise it when we are saying that sentence or doing what we did, but it comes to light after a while, and obviously life does not have a CTRL-Z on its keyboard...

I see that my life has changed and taken a different track because of what I have said at times, and what people have said to me... I should not regret it, and let it be, however I am just human :) I am feeling bad about a few things today !!!

On second thoughts, thought the faith is a li'il shaky right now, it still exists in you, God Uncle!!!! I don't know whats happening to your sense of humor because I am not finding it funny for a while now!!!


  1. We don't have Ctrl+Z in life, that's why we are taught to say and do things with caution. Still all of us make mistakes, and hopefully learn from them. Don't feel bad.

    Cheer up!

  2. haan re... kal ja raha hoon na... isliye thoda thinking mode mein hoon...

  3. Oh oh!

    For a while forget the chai and get hooked on the beer!

  4. don't worry beta, sabke life mein hota hai, we all are prone to mistakes, 'Ctrl + Z' cannot happen for real in our life, but we all can improve 'Ctrl+F' :), isn't it ???

    I think u r just feeling home sick before leaving home :)

    chal enjoy the ride...

  5. u r right om....at times we do wish for a ctrl-Z to undo the things done in our lives...but since there isnt..the best we can and should do is accept with grace the things that we cant change...and believe that everything good or bad that happened was for a specific reason ~ may not be necessarily what we wanted but something that we needed for our evolution as a person...i guess at times like this we do need to hold on to the faith....hang on there u ...

  6. Prashant, Need some help..
    Some of my friend's friends are visiting Delhi for a few months..And they want to help our some NGO/ Social Cause during weekends...Let me know if you know someone.. I've already given them the address of ASK, courtesy your blog..

    I had smsed Udit, But he never bothered to reply..

    Please do let me know if you know anyone..

    my mail id: kusummohapatra@gmail.com

  7. And yeah..

    That Ctl+Z..Good it doesn't exist..

    That only gives us the impetus to do it right every time we do something..isn't it??

    Have a great trip back..

    (absolutely sick goig back from home to work..But that's life..)

  8. Cheer up buddy !! Keep faith. I always believe that everything happens for good. Keep that million dollar smile on and have a safe trip


  9. Life is starnge , it leaves us wondering about a lot of things...Ctrl Z is one of them. But tht is the beauty of it, otherwise the silence in life ( in absence of life's confusions) would have been tough to handle.
    Have a safe trip, dnt feel sad and enjoi...u are coming back soon :)

  10. # Solitaire...
    I don't like the taste of beer... Absolut is absolutely fine :)

    # Tanu..
    haan re...

    # Jagriti...
    yes ma'am

    # Kay...
    I would have loved to help and I think getting in touch with ASK is the right thing to do... there are a few more NGOs around and in case they get in touch with someone at ASK they would be guided accordingly...

    Yea... not really looking for a CTRL+Z

    # ~S....
    i know !!!


    # Tunna...
    thanks re...

  11. ahh well... wat do we do ..when such things happen?!

  12. prashant...sumtyms u acc hope u had a CTRl Z option...bt dats wat lyf is al abt..
    u cnt undo sumthn u hv done , bt make sure dat u dnt repeat it, if dat wat makes u feel bad abt!!!

  13. # veens...
    we hope for a better time ahead :)

    # Vaishali...
    hmm... hmm....

  14. Damn, I so wish that too at times and even that I had a particular response to when somebody's mean to me.. Most of the times I keep mum and then later on come up with what I could've said.. :(

  15. Well its better to just throw caution to the winds.. god uncle loves that.. then HE can take care of us.. hahah..

    God uncle and me have an understanding.. that way.. I will give up everything to you and I will take what you have.. makes for a not so comfortable sometimes but most of the times a peaceful deal..

  16. # Sam....
    hmm... koi na... at times not reacting is the best reaction...

    may be :)

    # Pallavi...
    hmm... right....

    fair deal that one is :)