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I am 'err' loving it !

"for the most part when you are really honest about what you want from life, life does give it to you... "

and I know it myself because there is a lot that I have wanted and I got...

Please allow me to be human and greedy and selfish and let me feel bad about what i wanted and was honest about and still did not get !!!

Life at times sucks, but I still can't stop loving it !!!

So is life....


  1. but then its not over yet...so hold on and it might just come ur way... it's honestly just a matter of how badly you want somthng.

    all the best,


  2. :))

    Love it hate it...
    but the bitter truth..
    u still need to live with it :DDD

  3. wait beta, picture abhi khataam nah hui hai :)

    agar kuch mila nahi hai to it means abhi kahani baki hai

    life bahut lambbi hai
    saab mil jayega

    buss keep loving it :)

  4. Bhagwaan ji has been somehow kind to me..he has given me everything (well most of the times) that i really desperately wanted..and the ones i didnt get , probably , were not enough worth it and not meant for me(i mean,he knows whats the best for me and what is that i deserve)

    I know its human tendency to be greedy..so am i at times , but then we need to understand , that one does not get anything more than his/her share of stuff..
    so be happy with whatever you have ,because GOD believes ,that this is the Best for you!!!

    But iam happy that you are still loving things and life!!!!
    hope you get whatever you deserve and desire in life..

    Stay Blessed always..

  5. honesty - well, isn't that just a POV, bro. when you want something with all teh passion you have, life gives it to you. and yeah, though it may seems that life suck at time,s in the scheme of big things, life is a special occasion.
    so, dont stop loving it - you will find lot of happy moments :-D
    lets say a cheers to the special occasion called life :)

  6. reminds me of The Alchemist... When u really want something, the whole world conspires in favor of you

  7. keep lovng it :)

    if u can do that; battle is half won :)

  8. # Anony....

    apologies but its not always a matter of how badly one wants it, its a matter of if one is destined to get it !

    # Chakoli...
    so is life..

    # Tanu...

    at the cost of sounding pessimistic, which I am not, this line looks good in a movie which finishes in 3 hours :)

    whatever said and done :) life is worth loving...

    # Vaishali...
    thanks :)

    # Anoop...
    I think being honest with one self is like that moral compass thing !!! you would always know what is really right :) and if you are doing it or not !

    cheers :)

    # Aseem...
    i liked that line... a very cheap version of the same was heard in Om Shanti Om too :)

    # Veens...
    yes ma'am :)

  9. **Life at times sucks, but I still can't stop loving it !!!**

    AS long as you are loving it, set hai :)

  10. if u liked the alchemist line and also want somthing so bad that ur happiness depends on it - the world indeed is already conspiring in favor of u and will catch u unaware....just wait and watch.. :)

    all the best,


  11. One of my dear friend says, "Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst."

    I remember this line !

    so hoping :)

  12. fight it out...fight for it - dont just keep hoping - where is the killer spirit?? :D

  13. hmm...

    thanks for the encouraging words !!!