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Happy Birthday Aro !!!

Meet Arobindo Sinha...

used to be my collegue and now one of the dearest friends that I have...

I hate him for a lot of reasons but because today is his birthday (In India, not yet in the Amreeka though..which technically makes him younger than he is), so I will try to be nice to him and give him a birthday gift right here at the Chai ki Dukaan !!!

The the gift is this AD:

Alliance wanted for a well settled Bengali Boy ( err, boy!!! ) ok.. whatever... Alliance wanted for a well settled bengali boy who is

1. a gem at heart (not gems, but gem)

2. has the best laughter in this world

3. knows how to be direct, and show you the mirror

4. Comfort you when you really need it, for most of the rest of the time he will make fun of you or just laugh
5. Is the oldest stud in our gang, but still young enough to get married
6. Was born on the 22nd of July a few decades ago

7. Used to own a phone that Neo had in Matrix and that phone used to be his identity... That phone used to come back to him irrespective of where he left it, the cab, the cafeteria, his seat, someone Else's seat, loo, anywhere...

7A. Loves to spend time in the LOO...

8. Knows more about life than most of the people I know of my age group

9. Has been an avid traveler

10. Is a very very well read person... Probably knows more about books than anyone else I know... (The bugger bought the entire collection of CnH just to tease me and Bindiya !!!)
11. Is not too keen on marriage because he thinks it would be really tough to give up the independence, and share the space he has for himself

12. is one of the best people I have met in my life...

Too long an ad eh !!!

Ek milestone ho gaya in the AD :) next step is the TOI Matrimonial Section :D

May the wedding bells ringgggggggggggggg !!! Amen !!!

Oh and I almost forgot... I called him at midnight to wish him happy birthday :D and he was so happy that he promised to call me once every week at midnight ( while I am sleeping) to wish me a happy birthday for the next 52 :D


  1. Happy Birthday to Aro!

    **11. Is not too keen on marriage because he thinks it would be really tough to give up the independence, and share the space he has for himself**

    Yeh ad iski shaadi karvaane ke liye hai, ke prospective dulhans ko bhagaane ke liye? :)

  2. birthday wishes to your buddy...

    tune pt.11 mein bichare ka sara chance khataam kaar dia..

    i suggest u take that off from the gift wrap :)

  3. # Kashmira...
    Happy Birthday to my buddy...

    Agar ye line galat hai then no one will every be afraid of marriage... this is a fact which all of us know about the thoughts that come before marriage...

    achcha yehi hai everyone accepts it and works towards being a part of the space :)

    # Tanu...
    yo.. happy birthday to him :)

    Bilkul chance khatam nahin kiya... agar some gal cannot accept that fact then we do not need her as our Bhabhi anyway !!!

    That point stays, and someone who is willing to work her way into that space is worth being a part of the family !!!

  4. lol..... :D Cant stop laughin'Murari!

    Happy B'day Aro!

    Here's wishing that this year God giv u enuf strength so that you can argu me out and be less Jealous of me and my travels. :P

    all the very best this year and may u get hitched soon. Happy B'day!

    God bless, Bindiya

    P.S: Aro, do u hav the 60 year digest addition of Panchtantra?? do you ?? :P :D :P :D

  5. Beta... tune mujhe instigate kar diya hai... aab dekh! TOI mein ad will be my gift for Aro on this birthday.

    Par woh laughter point sahi nehi hai... woh laughter koi ladki sun le to sochegi Kumbhkaran jaag utha!

  6. I guess working one's way into the space is not only the bhabhi's job but the bhaiya's job as well...

    in today time everybody is independent sir,

    your comments sounds as if sarri zimedari uss becahree bandi ki hi hogi :)

  7. Happy B'day Aro..
    May you be blessed with all the things that you deserve an desire..
    Om ~ Hope ,your aim of writting this post , gets fulfilled soon..

  8. Nice way to wish your friend. I hope Aro reads it. :)

  9. happy b'day, Aro... :-D and hope u will gt ur partner soon :)

  10. yo!! that was so sweet and such a gr8 gift :D hehehhe!

    Happy budday Aro! I feel I know u !! so this is to our buddy's buddy... hope u get the girl w/o compromising on any of your needs and dreams :D and of course no compromise on the loo either :P

    Hey Mr. Chai ki Dukaan ke owner... how r u doing?!

  11. Thanks asshole for waking me , you will now bear the brunt of a riled up call-center person....who works in only in the graveyard shift...

    I read the comments as well....and as I have already said

    I don't like Bindiya.. she travels just too much...she is as bad as anybody who travels more than me

    Any ways replies are ...

    Gem ...eh....which one

    well it is certainly resounding no doubt

    I have lots of mirrors,

    No comments...it is the nature you pick up if you have spent some time in Hughes

    I prefer not to use that word " Stud"...I am no horse neither a thing to be put in the nose

    yup the 70's .... that is a long time ago

    I still own the Matrix communicator and yes it is the bestest phone I ever used paperweight, style signature, protection unit...you name it and the features are in it... ab us tarah ke phone bante kahan hai...

    The loo is the best place you are most comfortable and relaxed after the toxins have left your body...only if people spend more time in loo the less problems they will have...Happiness is directly proportional to time spent in potty

    I know more about life because I have read " Hitch Hiker's guide to Galaxy"

    I miss traveling...

    Not that I am against marriage...two basic principals of my life get compromised...

    1. Happiness ( Read the formula for happiness above)...

    2. I have a inverted nature ( I will not pursue a girl)

    Ah.. I forgot to say thank you

    Thank you people...

    By the way Who almost knows me here????...

  12. # Baandri...
    a good laugh is great for health :) happy to share one with you :D

    # Subbu...
    good good... lets do it :)

    hehehe... laughter to mast hai bhai... mom dad bahut pasand karte hain usko :)

    # Tanu...
    it sure is... without a doubt...

    and i feel that you strongly want to talk about that point, because you expect the guy in your life to work into that space :)

    hoga beta hoga :) AMEN !!!

    # Vaishali...

    # Pallavi...
    he will... and he would want to kill me for it :D

    # Anoop...
    Amen !

    # Veens...

    thanks for the kind words...

    and Chai Wala is just great :) oh..and congratulations on the engagement :)

    # Aro...
    LOL !!!!

    bhai, if you are going to call me in your night that will be my day !!! i am saved :D

    Why did you have to reply to all of them?

    well but good... that was a nice thing to do... I can now update the post and put your comments in there :D

    and you are WELCOME :)

  13. happyyyyyy birthdayyyyyy ARO!!!!


    well, its 2350 hrs in india, and i m sorry i did not read om's post earlier today, but i still hv few minutes left
    so here's wishing u a very happy and joyous birthday :)

    may the wedding bells rings very soon for u... tinggg tinggg.. do we hear them already?

  14. I disagree...to this:
    this is a fact which all of us know about the thoughts that come before marriage...

    You gotta make some space for the other person before you let them into your life, aise nahi ke dekho, tumhare liye abhi to koi jagah hai nahi, bana sako to bana lo!

  15. # Mayuri...

    no way already... that would be too optimistic a thought...

    sometime in future soon...


    # Kashmira...
    I am in agreement with the disagreement, however I feel that you and Tanu are taking it in a different way then I intended to say it...

    I am not trying to throw a challenge to anyone like you mentioned in your last line... it has to be mutual, however I have only talked about an expectation here, and not about responsibility...

    When I talk about what a man's responsibility in a relationship is, I think I would be able to address your disagreement properly...

  16. see and learn pete, just talking about marraige has created confusion so let us stop and by the way it is exactly like " tumhare liye abhi to koi jagah hai nahi, bana sako to bana lo!" attitude is carried by me....waise bhi mere ghar main jagah bahut kam hai......as you can see in Prashant's blog I have to keep books and cd 's in the fridge....

  17. tere liye kya kya karna padta hai mereko..

    I am taking a stand for you and you are talking like this...

    bawla hai kya?

  18. @aro, hahahaha :) you're funny! chalo dahej mein ek badaa sa ghar maang lete hain. Prashant, add that to your list at the end, in fine print ;)

  19. yep, yeh tumhari bhabhi will bring her own space :D

  20. saath main gadi aur prashant ke liye gaye ka bachda....

  21. # Kashmira...
    hehehe.. that sounds like a super idea... and Aro might have to work his way through...

    actually Aro ke ghar ki potty jam kar denge aur Bhabhi ko bolenge ke attached bathroom wala space lekar aaye... phir to mauja hi mauja :D

    # Aro...
    Gaadi tere paas hai.. and the Gaye ka bachda joke you are taking too far :D

  22. ummm...ok, but bachde ke liye space Aro will have to provide. Bhabhi will not bring a shed with her. Deal?

  23. Bachda actually mere liye hai !!!

    There is a story behind it :) kabhi likhunga uske baare mein unless Aro chooses to write about it before me !!!

  24. whats happening here by the way?!

  25. We are trying to get Aro married and figuring out a few things regarding that :)

  26. Shaadi and Aro :D

    whats the story behind gaye ka bachda ...whatever :D

  27. will write about it sometime !!

  28. waiting :)

    u know this chat i was reading btw u 3... it is funn... funny :))

    liked it :)

  29. hehehe...

    hope it reaches a logical end :)