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I have loved the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", every time I have seen it, which should be about 10 times already so far!

And I so wish that I erase the memory of a few people from my brain, because anything about them just brings back the pain that I went through, with them, because of them, when they were there and whatever crap... Even the mention of their name is painful at times !!! Actually not pain, its the wrong word to use right now, but for the lack of a word, worse or better (wondering what !) then this one, I will let it be !

Anyway, the good part is, that the movie is wonderful and Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet can be seen doing something which is unusual for their typical style of acting... The movie has been directed the unusual way too, or should I say the "Pulp Fiction" or the "Memento" way... (This basically means that you have to add two more movies in addition to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in your must watch list)

Had mexican today for lunch... (wish i could rewrite it like this - had a Mexican girl for lunch today, but I guess she would fit better for dessert I guess :P) anyway....

so this Mexican Girl.. no, Mexican GRILL, yea that's right, Mexican Grill, called Panchero's serves all sorts of food (Deepu, Subbu, Bindiya, Aro, you have a lot of love here as I heard that the non-veg is great at this place) but I managed with a Veggie Burrito... which was both very tasty and filling... I am going to refrain from speaking the name of the place too much, because it sounds more the common sentence filler in Hindi ;)

वैसे हिन्दी में बोलें तो, मैदे की बड़ी सी रोटी में, राजमा, चावल, सब्जी, और चटनी भर कर खायी !!! और काफ़ी स्वादिष्ट भी थी...

First time experience of Mexican Food... and I guess, we can put this on the menu in the Chai Ki Dukaan too sometime later :)

Oh and btw, this weekend has offered me a series of first time experiences, which I am going to write about later... Till then, its for you to guess!

And the people who know it already, please do not spill the beans, I might use them in the next Burrito that I eat !


  1. ha ha..spilling beans !!

    Chaal apnee First timer's paar thoda light daal please :)

    good luck with your next burrito
    And Mexican grills are really really good with the Non-Veg they are JUST awesome...but ghaans phuns kahne wale nahi samjhenge :)

    Haven't watched Memento yet but other two movies indeed are a good watch. However I would never want to erase people who gave the FOUR letter word u mentioned, because they are the people who have changed every inch of me for GOOD and only GOOD..

    And I have loved myself only more with every such transformation :)

    Infact i have them in my life's "Hall of Fame":)

  2. # Tanu....

    soon re soon :)

    Haan, I know the grills are awesome that's why have recommended that to a few non-veggies in the post :)

    about the erasing part, i guess we all have our points of view !!!

  3. Waiting for the beans to spill. Sounds like you had an interesting weekend.

    Haven't watched any of the movies you mentioned...I usually watch stuff where I don't have to think too much, these sound like brain can't take its vacation :p

    Abt erasing ppl..hmm...there are a few people that have caused me pain, but the memory of them just makes me shrug now, nothing else. I guess I am not too emotional?

    Annnyway... jaldi se likho the other stories!

  4. pfMexican food means GAS....watch out :D Gelusil hai na :P

  5. Sucha SHOW OFF Murariiii !! :P :P

  6. all three are excellent movies.....and mexican food.....well well...good that u have told me about the NV part....now let me see how can i manage eating out there :)
    I guess, i have to come to US now, if nothing else then atleast for sky diving.........

  7. Mere liye do Burrito pack kar lena please :)

    Waise I like the way they use beans in Mexican food. Got to learn that.

  8. # Kashmira....
    :) you can read about it today...

    The movies are excellent... must watch kinds...

    I am not emotional about them either, but i don't want to spend a minute extra of my life on people who don't deserve it...

    # Anony...

    # Baandri...
    bas aisa hi hai ;)

    # Deepu...
    haan figure out kar !!! you would like it...

    and US, haan bhai. ek baar to banta hai...

    # subbu...
    ji sir... menu mein se dekh kar bata do kaunsa wala chahiye...

    learn kya karna hai usme?

  9. yeah I like mexican food too.. reminds me of home.. all that rajma wagera.. LOL..

    Try Ethiopian too.. you will feel closer to home..
    I highly recommend that..

  10. yea... Rajma :) and some black beans too :)

    Will try... thanks for the suggestion :)