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The Soul Exchange Program !!!

I am not going !!!

Are you?


  1. where are they sending you that you don't want to go?
    Or is it that you like where you are, and hence don't want to go, no matter where it may be?

  2. In the soul exchange program they ask what is it that you want to change about yourself and then change it :) at times a lot of people come back with new souls :)

    I am not going ! :P

  3. that means you don't want to change anything. sahi hai :)

    or that means they come back with new souls...and they don't like those as well. so jo hai, usi se khush raho. ye bhi sahi hai!

  4. haanji... i am happy :) the way I am...

    So would you go to the Soul Exchange?

  5. no. I have my flaws, but at least I am used to them by now :) Don't want new ones!

  6. haaiinn yeh kya hai??

    appun ke pale..nahi para...!!!

  7. Body - maybe (with Carl Lewis)
    Mind - definitely (with DaVinci)
    Soul - never

    Then I would not be me, would I? I am glad you are not going either.

  8. dont they have a instant heart change program instead, Murari??

    tht wud come to an easy rescue somtimes when nothing goes or can go as per one's heart...

  9. who's offering this program, by the way?

  10. I think its a form of energy exchange.I think its wonderful to exchange rather the better word is to share all the time.I wish to go away with my temptations and wash off the delusions of my mind.Anything that makes me one with myself/GOD is worth an exercise.

  11. is it about ur soul or others??

    or is it real soul exchange...

    a boy in girl..
    a girl in boy....


  12. # Tanu...
    :) koi na...

    # Subbu...
    na no way i am changing my soul :)

    # Baandri...
    nai re... heart par to kisi ka zor nahin chalta :)

    # Kashmira..
    uncle god :)

    # Deepti...
    nice perspective there... thanks for coming by...

    # Chakoli...
    your soul only :)


  13. no,
    never!!! :)

    i love myself :D

  14. fair enough :)

    no one will force you to go :)

  15. Uncle God nahi dete aisi galat offers. It must be the devil in disguise..am pretty sure

  16. interesting post.....am glad that at least you are thinking about your soul :)...most are pretty oblivious.

    ever though about the fact that we are all here on earth incarnation after another, enrolled in a soul improvement program? in a sense to step up the frequency of the soul so as to achieve higher planes of existence. whether you like it not, resist as much as you want, consciously or subconsciously.....because there is nothing else to being born on earth than to transform your soul ....

    donno where you were going with your post...but this is where i landed :) - what do they say....about gold gaining its luster only after being plunged in fire ???...that h is the soul "improvement fire" we cannot get away from till we die :)

  17. oh and this bit which ..."loves itself"..resists the change is called ego

    not conceited = ego
    but the one keeping you where you are away from truly knowing your soul at its highest level of existence

    -hope i made some sense here :P

  18. Joy..dont know ,if you actually wanted to refer to a soul improvement/exchange program in the real sense or was your comment a referral to the always existent soul , which fits into a physical body of any size and type..

    Incarnation only changes the exterior , the soul always remain the same..good or bad,in happy times or sad..we always live with it..
    Not sure if i completely make sense here..but thats what i feel..