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हर हर गंगे !!!

Boy I feel lucky or what to have been on a raft while going through the Three Blind Mice, the Return to Sender, the Golf Course and the other many rapids between Marine Drive and Rishikesh !!!

No doubt its one of the top 10 (or 5?) white water rafting sites in the world !!!

This weekend I went camping and rafting in Wisconsin, about 300 miles away from where Minneapolis and the only thing common in the rafting was the Yellow Blue Hyside Rafts that we use in Rishkesh !!! rest... just one! yes just one grade 4 rapid ( was more interesting to look at than be in) and nothing more !!!

This was the only rapid, a Grade IV that we did...

But still, the weekend was good... (Made me miss Rishikesh a lot)

Needless to say, another post with less text and loads of pictures is coming your way !!!


  1. Tell us about the camping too! Ismein to sirf rafting ke baare mein hi likha hai. And who you went with and all that too! Pleeeeeze!

  2. sab bataunga ji...

    aaj shaam ko to fotos hi transfer ki hain....

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    Next time I am in Delhi, I promise myself to go rafting in Rishikesh.

    My favorite is three blind mice, especially because Ganesh (my favorite rafting guide) once took us past the third rapid (the third turn) and then looped the raft back through it again. I had NEVER done, heard, seen that before.

    I Miss Rishikesh :(

  5. Jaldi Delhi aa jao...phir Rafting jaayenge...

  6. # Subbu...
    i miss it too :( and i promised myself a trip as well :)

    its like a bad taste in the mouth of rafting... needs to be corrected with a marine drive to rishikesh...

    I think I know Ganesh... he must have been with us a couple of times... Tushar would remember better...

    and I have done Three Blind Mice just once... i have heard of that loop... its famous for that loop.... strange enough, both of us have not been on a raft together !!! what a shame !!!

    I miss rishikesh too :(

    # Vaishali..
    jaana hi padega... no other option that I have !!!

  7. three blind mice is my fav too........this time when we did it in april.....the water flow was just perfect for it turning into grade IV+.......maza aagaya tha kar ke..........

  8. # Deepu/subbu...

    how come we guys have not been on a raft together !!!

    its a shame !

  9. And i thought u were in India. Wot fun u havin..lucky!

  10. I am not :) but i am missing India a lot...