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Chai..चाय (by चायबाज़ Apurva)

Chai..चाय, originally uploaded by The Wandering Hermit .

Nothing like sweet cloying milk tea or Chai after a rainy day in the open.

{Strange Brew at a dingy chai shop at the roadhead in Mana Village above the shrine of Badrinath, Uttarakhand.}

What is a Chai Ki Dukaan which does not have chai ki chuskies from all over ! So this is a start of a series of pictures that will have chai ki photu that I come across

Special thanks to Apurva for allowing me to blog this ! and the thought of having a series like this comes from a fellow blogger and a brilliant photographer Archana


  1. Brilliant initiative.
    A great photograph.
    A great traveller you all.


    Cannot start a day without tea. And there is NO experience comparable to drinking the tea described here.

  2. hmmm.... finally u doing some justice to your "chai ki dukaaan"

    great Post..

  3. Awesome idea:-)) Looking forward to some amazing 'chai ki dukhaan' photos!!!

    BTW -Fantastic shot:-)

  4. # Kshitiz...
    thanks bro..

    the photograph and the photographer, both are brilliant in my opinion... Apurva is a very well informed traveller and a fantastic photographer...

    oh yes... tea rocks :)

    # Ankit...
    :) i personally feel I was always doing justice to my blog bro :) but i respect your opinion :)

    this is just the beginning of the chai posts :) they will be coming alright :)

    # Arch...
    Can't tell you how glad I am to see you here... you, your blog and your photos have always been an inspiration...

    thank you so much :)

    and Apurva is for sure a great photographer :)

  5. perfect corner to start at 'Chai ki Dukkan'

  6. Thanks Tanu....

    So next time you come across something that relates to Tea... you know who to tell... and we will have it here at the Chai ki Dukaan :)

  7. Nice! Looking forward to the series.

  8. # Subbu...
    bro they will keep coming in to Chai Ki Dukaan, as and when I find photos, posts etc about Chai on the net :)

    tujhe kuch interesting mile to i would be more than happy to include... waise tu mere liye ek post kyon nai likhta? on Teas in Bengal?

  9. on a rainy day, a hot cup of tea or coffee - both have itz own charms... nice concept... show us more :)

  10. its a brilliant pic.....and photographer is one amazing traveller too :)

    i have one from our camp at pangong :D

  11. awesome photo Prashant...very inspiring...have a good weekend :))

  12. lo ji abhi bhej deti hoon ...

  13. lets raise a toast to the chai

  14. # Anoop...
    :) sure thing bro..

    # Deepu...
    glad to see you here :) you bet he is one helluva traveller :)

    Post it on flickr or your blog, and I would link back to it :)

    # Shuma...
    thanks... its taken and posted by Apurva...

    you have a great weekend too..

    # Tanu...
    good good :)

    But i want you to put them up on flickr or somewhere so that I can blog them and link back to your page..

    # Gazal...
    we sure should :) and welcome to Chai Ki dukaan :)

  15. sir jee,

    I guess u misunderstood my previous comment....

    I was saying ki finally some thing related to chai is comming up here...

  16. Will do a post on "Teas in Bengal" for you :)

  17. bhai mere flickr par hai

  18. # Ankit...
    bro the title is not to be taken literally...

    Chai Ki dukaan is a place where people sit talk discuss and that is what my thought was when I gave it this name... It was not supposed to dedicated to Chai or Anything :)... However I feel that the name should be justified ( which I think you were looking forward to ) and hence this initiative :)

    # Subbu..
    super :)


    # Deepu...
    next post is that one then :)

  19. i lov this pic...and m excited abt this new series :)

  20. lovely...
    like the idea of u putting up chai pics here...
    and Hermitty's pics are always such a treat to the eyes that all words are less :)

  21. # Veens :)

    Me too.. hope to have some nice pictures here from some photographers around :)

  22. Oops...Thank Apurva on my behalf :))

  23. i liked the name of your blog.. :-)though havn't read ur posts as yet.. but for sure very soon.. :-)

  24. @ Eksha...
    welcome to chai ki dukaan :) enjoy your visits !!!