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Anti-Gravity Handle

A friend of mine asked me a few days back, if I had ever felt weightless ! I said yes !
Though that does not happen more often these days, however everytime I listen to the music with the handle you see below, it just lifts me up :) and the mood alongwith !

And something that I am listening to these days :

Well I started out down a dirty road
Started out all alone
And the sun went down as I crossed the hill
The town lit up the world got still

Im learning to fly but I aint got wings
Comin down is the hardest thing

Well the good old days may not return
And the rocks might melt, and the sea may burn

Im learning to fly but I aint got wings
Comin down is the hardest thing

Well some say life will beat you down
Break your heart, steal your crown
So I started out for God kno ws where
But I guess Ill know when I get there

Im learning to fly around the clouds
But what goes up must come down

Im learning to fly but I aint got wings
Comin down is the hardest thing
Im learning to fly around the clouds
But what goes up must come down

Im learning to fly
Im learning to fly

A beautifully written, sung and videographed song by Tom Petty... Check it out here.


  1. what does weightless feel like? no thoughts, or only happy thoughts, or what? I have never felt it...maybe because I cannot even imagine what it must feel like.

  2. Never felt till now..but I can't wait to go to space or the vacuum to feel it either...

    mera number kaab ayegaaaaaaaaaaaa mummyyyyyyyyyyy :( :( ???????

    BOSE headphone ekdumm bakwaas hai...
    phek dee... aur kab,kahan phek raha hai..mere ko bbol dena mai utha laungi :-)

  3. Sounds like kid showing off his new toy to his friends...Take all the limelite while you can

  4. Nice song... another song which shares the name "Learning to fly" by Pink Floyd (and a few other songs) combined with some substances which are banned in most countries is almost certain to give you that feeling.

  5. bose around-ear headphones... whew! music will sure feel more special whn you hear it through bose....

  6. Om - ye tumne finally le liye the? Kab liye aur mere ko bataya kyun nahi stupid? I remember the day we both went and saw these....

  7. This one for ANONY - we all do that, don't we? If you have nothing good to say, refrain visiting this blog. You better get that in your darned head. Nasty negative soul...

  8. # Kashmira...
    its a feeling that you cannot really describe in words... I still remember when it happened to me for the first time.. all thats to that nasty weather outside and my dad and mom !!!

    its like you are not suspended by anything and still are not falling anywhere... just being in the space... just like that... phew... its tough to explain like i said..

    # Tanu...
    aayega beta aayega... we all get so much engrossed in the world outside that we tend to loose the ability to give our brains a rest...


    haan bakwaas to hai... SLC ki taraf moonh karke phekta hoon :D

    # Anony...
    and why should i not?

    thanks for the good wishes :)

    # Subbu...
    bhai email kar sakta hai kya gaana please?

    I really like pink floyd !!!

    LOL @ the banned substances :P

    # Anoop...
    I have been eyeing these for almost about an year now !!! when i heard them in London the first time, I realised that THIS is going to be the next headphone whenever it is...

    # Mon...
    yaar hamein baat karne ka mauka hi kahan mila hai :( nahin to bata hi deta !!!


    # Anony....
    I am not sure who are you.. but mast rehne ka !!!

  9. Mr/Ms/Mrs Anon,

    Oh!! i am scared, Please have your head darned before you turn mad thinking that you own the whole WWW space ok (Honey+Darling)whatever you are

  10. What ever this weightless feeling is...for sure would be amazing..
    Wish you have more such experiences ahead..God Bless!!!!

    and yeah heard this song , for the first time , and kinda really liked it..on a repeat at the moment..want the track though..
    M sure Bose makes it sound even better..

  11. # Anony...

    Not sure why you are behaving the way you are, but I am not sure if that is needed !!!

    Thanks for your visits anyway..

  12. # Vaishali...
    its very tough actually specially when your mind is occupied with so many thoughts that never leave you !!!

    I guess thats where continuous meditation helps... My pa does it, and I am not sure how it stays focus on his chants even though there is so much happening around him...

    The song is a nice one.. i liked it...

  13. wohi....thoughtlessness....how do you get there? log bolte hain meditate karo, but HOW yaar?

    anon wants your headphones ;)

  14. yeah..sahi baat aneri...meditate kare to kare kaise?

    i need tutitions on that

  15. # Kashmira...
    I guess it will come only with time and not as soon as you want it... spend time with yourself ( like i think you already do in the garden) enjoy silence, try not to speak anything for a few minutes in the day...

    hoga dheere dheere, if you really want it..

    I am not giving anyone my headphones :D

    # Vaishali...
    i have tried to answer it for KAshmira... see if you think its sensible...