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"For you, a thousand times over..."

It was only a smile nothing more. It did not make everything alright. It did not make anything alright. Only a smile. A tiny thing. A leaf in the woods, shaking in the wake of a startled bird's flight. But I'll take it. With open arms. Because when spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time, and maybe I just witnessed the first flake melting....

For who have read it, they would remember these lines from The Kite Runner, and for those who have not read it (I doubt if that is going to be a large number anyway) I would recommend reading this brilliantly written tale of human relationships and emotions.

I am not a good book reader, and I started this book really long time back but just could not finish it for some reason or the other... and today when I read the last 50 pages, I felt relieved to say the least...

Will go back to the Essential Calvin and Hobbes now, which I might have read atleast 15 times over if not a thousand times over !

oh and enjoy a picture preview of my trip to Utah the last weekend, below...


  1. THENKS Om uncle for posting my snap - "Ratatui" :D :))) :)

  2. From Kite Runner to Essentials of Calvin, kafi interesting shift hai :)

    Loved the Kite Runner, One of the best books I read this year.. Have to watch the movie now

  3. eeeewwwww look at that rat !

    I loved the Kite Runner and then read Shantaram. Which i liked too.

  4. nice pic of u flying and with the rat...cool man,,take care

  5. Comment not from Nidhi,,but from Ankur :-)

  6. i want to go to Utah now.. :) superb fotos, bhai... love the tones of blue of the sky and water...

    Kiterunner is one of the best books I have read... and C&H - well, thatz an all time fav :)

  7. He he... that rat pic is awesome! I am reading a totally eclectic collection of books now, weird range.

  8. BTW, was tinkering with blogspot widgets today. Created a "Making a difference" widget modeled after yours. See if you like the idea (not the execution), then something like a "widget adder" can be placed on Sankalp site.

  9. # Ratatui...
    its ok dude... you were so ugly that I had to post your picture..

    # Tanu...
    Apne level par aa gaya main :)

    yea, its a nice book for sure..

    # Kshitiz..
    bahut hi yukk thaa yaar wo :/

    Shantaram... ab aur kitaab nahin... ek saal ki ek bahut hai re :)

    # Nidhi/Ankur...
    thanks :)

    # Anoop...
    there are more coming up my friend... that place was Bear Lake... lovely place to just hang around in...

    CnH for me please :)

    # Subbu...

    tu reader aadmi hai bhai... and so is Deepu and so is Aro and so are the so many people i know... main kahan unpad phas gaya tumhaare beech mein :D

    Let me check the widget... ASK ki site par bhi daal sakte hain? interesting...

    # FighterJet...

  10. Arre wah!!!m mast trip raha hoga..
    btw new hairstyle..

  11. # Reeta...

    # Vaishali...
    totally mast...

    noppe... no new hairstyle... just growing longer...

  12. chuhe ke saath kya kar rahe the!!??

    loved that book n also a thousand splendid suns!!..Am on a reading spree aajkal..khoob books padi!

  13. I love those lines from Kite Runner..

    For u, a thousand times over

    I cried on many pages..

    I absolutely loved this book...though in the beginning i was not sure of this... but now... i love it absolutely!

    and those pic are as always WOW!

    argghhh...what r u doing with that THING! RAT!


  14. # Veens...
    righto... i love these lines too :)

    cried? it was a strong book , but thankfully I did not get down to tears :/

    thanks for the pictures and yes thats a rat.. ugh !