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I am a lucky winner !!!!

I never won an online lottery which was less than $5000 or lets say less than $10000...

Almost every email that I have got so far ever has more than 6 digits worth of money !!!

$ 534344
$ 654223
$ 500000
and so on and so forth...

How much have you won in online lotteries by the way?


  1. Hehe..so very true..i have also won millions online..
    wow ,Iam a Millionaire already..

  2. I have lost count, but enough to make me the richest Indian in the world, I guess.

    The latest was from the lottery by the "Chinese Olympic Committee". Did you get that one too?

  3. i hv millions in my virtual swiss bank account :)

  4. my a/c no is +1 of xh...but it is sicrit shhh!

  5. # Vaishali...
    Awesome !!! so what are you doing with all that money?

    # Subbu...
    Richest? abe main bhi hoon line mein... maybe I have more.. but honestly its too much to count :P

    Chinese Olympic Commitee? wow... you are richer for sure bro !

    # Anoop...
    hehhe... i am sure :)

    # Veens..
    wow !!! :P

  6. And Today I won again :D

    This is to inform you that your email has won a consultation prize of
    The Microsoft Corporation EMAIL DRAW held 25th of August, 2008. Your
    email has won you (GBP1,000,000.00GBP) One Million Great British Pounds).

    This promotion was designed to compensate all Microsoft prospective customers
    like yourself and this selection was made randomly and only 10 5 10 winners
    were selected world wide.

    And as such we say a very big CONGRATULATIONS to you as you claim your prize amount..
    To claim your prize, please contact your Fiduciary agent,

  7. Hehehe..planning to take a world tour..lolz..
    with all that money , i can atleast go twice around the world..
    You game?

  8. Only and idiot would say no to a sponsored tour :D

  9. "consultation prize" :)

    I don't know how rich I am, it all gets processed by my secretary who takes care of my "spam" folder..I am too busy for all that ;)

  10. aap to char kadam aur aage ho :)

  11. Me tooooooo ! and then Will ka paisa bhi toh milta hai .. Kisi ka koi marta hai .. paise share karne ko ready ho jaate hain ! sahi hai !

  12. khi khi

    mubarak..pliss share with us :P

  13. Oh! So you just won One million GBP, eh? Here's what I got today:

    Dear Winner,

    The National Lottery is pleased to inform you that you emerged a winner of £1,502,000.00 (One Million,Five Hundred And Two Thousand Pounds Sterling) in the last concluded National Lottery online draws.

    Now, who's the richest Indian? :P

  14. *Bows in respect*

    WOW :) Subbu you are rich man !