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Driving in the Amreeka...

The Mazda 5 that I was driving on my weekend trip this time !!!! Smoooooooooooooth is THE word... and she is parked at our camp site ( oops did I just say camp :) )

The 2.3L 153 BHP Engine, and the 17 inch alloy wheels made the car run super slik at speeds of over 75mph which is about 120 kmph + in our India Language... (It reminded me of the 140kmph+ speeds of our Petra when me, Ankur, Adi and Shubhi were driving to Ajmer last year in January; man we were fast or we were fast that time !!! Read about that trip here.)

Realized that while the cruise control is a very intelligent system if you don't want to bother much, it can make you feel a li'il too comfortable for safety at times...

And the key to driving in the US ( after my 321+ miles of driving in the last two days on freeways, downtowns, rural roads, almost no roads) is that forget about the right lane, left lane and whatever lane... just stick to your lane, and follow the signs EXACTLY the way they look like !!! You don't even need to know a lot of english for that !
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  1. Driving can be a lot of fun here. My favorite has to be Highway 1 here...along the coast. And then I also like some normal freeway driving when the traffic is not too heavy and I get to whiz in between the lanes :D

    Rent a German car next time if you can. Isko bhool jaoge :)

    (Yah, am a car snob! I look down upon the Japanese and Amrikan makes)

  2. yea... its fun :) i enjoyed a lot !!!!

    *listening to the unplugged summer of 69*

    (sorry about the out of context line, but the song just started and i felt like writing it...

    VW is German right? I have driven that car around in Scotland !!! loved it...

    I am in love with an Italian Babe though :) people call it the Fiat Palio, I call her Radha :)

    mmmmmuah to my Radha :)

  3. Drivng is my passion.....i can drive on delhi roads (Full of traffics and signal etc etc)... this must be like the ultimate..driving on a good road with your kinda music is a such a turn on.. i m envious.. this msut be really good. enjoy the drive anyway but drive safe

  4. badiya hai bhai, we did 160 on the jaipur ajmer stretch, one of the lovliest and fastest drives by me ever....

    safari wont go above 140...so i dotn know when my land speed record gets broken next though..

    American driving is boring,,koi mazaa nahin hai,,india is fun,,big potholes... pedestrians,,, they beat all video games..i love it,,he he he

  5. Yeah, VW is German.
    And I've seen your Radha, she's a beauty. Mine's called Dhanno (from Sholay ;)

  6. oye.. u really wnt to make me envy, rt?
    ha ha ha..
    next time, try MX7, or a Infinity, or why not a Chevy :-D build some muscle, as the saying goes ;-)

  7. As you know I like vehicles with more gears, like Aro's Hercules :P

  8. Arre wah ...ek aur Red gaadi..par Radha jaisi nahin

  9. # Aqui...
    well... honestly this was less tiring but very boring too :)

    will drive safe :) thanks..

    # Ankur...
    oh you bet !!! that drive i will never forget in my life !!! that skoda and the safari were given a run for their money just like that !!!

    I have to agree :)

    # Kashmira...
    ye !!! :)

    she sure is a beauty :)

    what do you drive here?

    # Anoop...
    you got the point there bro ;)

    I want to drive a mustang... before i come back i am going to hire a mustang for a day and take her out for a spin country side !

    # Subbu...
    hehehe... me too :)

    # Vaishali...
    :) this was maroon... not red !!! and nothing comes even close to Radha..

    # Tushar...
    tabhi main gaadi chalata hoon when you are there... i like the ZEN ....

  10. Here's my dhanno...

    And I like the Zen too !

  11. WOW for that car !!!

    Something that I would love to own anyday !!!

    my dream though lies with the X5 :) Someday !!!

  12. boring kyon?????????

  13. burf change your car...

  14. Boring because you don't have anything to do...

    no gears to change, no accelerator to press... just sit in the car like you are on a chair !!!

  15. Boy!....u are having a ball of time :)

  16. You bet :) I am here in this world to have fun and enjoy my being right?

  17. While i am busy trackin ur pic blog..u been updation this one as well.


    I don't drive, so i really cant say much. Bt the car looks wow.

  18. yea, i update this too regularly !!!

    the car was great !!!

  19. the snap appears to be a smiling car, LIKE in movie "CARS" i think the angle...yah cud be my blessed smiling eyes :)

  20. Blessed smiling eyes !!! LOL :)